Friday, August 14, 2009

Jon Stewart Does it Again.. Why Can't Our Real Media Do This?

One more thing I want to add.. A picture I found that needs to be seen...The difference between protests on the left and the right.. We protested for the lives of people, the right is protesting against the lives of people..

Where is the media in this country? Do we have any reporters left? Any real media at all? No wonder this man(Jon Stewart, that is) is called the most trusted in news. Even Damon asked the President better questions than most of our so called main stream media, talking heads.

It appears that Glenn Beck had surgery in January 2008, and he didn't like it.. He wasn't happy with the care he received and went on his show, then on CNN and talked bad about the state of our health care system in America.. I am embedding the clip from his show on Headline News.. just so you can see nothing was taken out of context.. and I have to say, what a WATB..he had Hemorrhoid surgery for pity's sake.. you would think he had his entire rear cut off or something.. Geeze, I have had 5 abdominal operations and have never acted like he is acting... Give me a break you weak kneed sister.. But watch..

Of course, now.. it's different.. We have the best health care in the world. Because he is on Fox, and because Pres. Obama and the Democratic Congress wants to fix it. Tell me this isn't scripted.. His entire act is scripted.. from start to finish.. What a crock of lies this man is feeding and people are buying it.

I feel so sorry for the people who are buying into this garbage.. they are mostly older statistics show, and they are very vulnerable. So, if your grandparents or parents are one of the ones buying this crap.. tell them, show them.. he is lying to them.

We have to just continue to show these people for the fools and liars they are. That's the only way to get the point across and further the health care agenda. We will pass reform this year. Be positive, that's something I am sure of, and never more so than after listening to Pres. Clinton last night and Dr. Gov. Dean this morning at Netroots Nation.

That was some awe inspiring speechifying let me tell you.. actually Dr. Dean was a Town Hall type but still it was great.. I have always liked him..and still do.

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Like I said.. now things are different.. Best health care in the world.. yeah right.. Of course there is also the fact that now people are beginning to call them out for their lies too.

From a Town Hall in Washington we get Rick Larsen pushing back against the lies and answering like this:

Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.) was asked, "Why are all Americans being forced into a government-run health care and insurance plan when only 46 million out of 312 million are uninsured?" The questioner went on to suggest that most people without insurance could get it without government assistance and concluded, "I'd be willing for the government to buy insurance policies for the 8.2 million chronically uninsured, but the other 37.8 million are not the responsibility of the American citizens and ... and I am unwilling to throw my present health care away for them."

Larsen responded: "With regards to the first comment about being forced to buy health care, I'll say it again... The bill does not force anybody to buy health care ... The bill does not force people to change their health care plan. If you're in a plan, you will not be forced into the public option. You will not be forced into the health insurance exchange. Now folks will say that's not true, but I've got facts on my side and you've got Glenn Beck on your side. It's just not going to play out that way."

There is also video at this site. They had moved from an indoor location to a minor league ball park because of crowds and this woman was reading from a script printed out. This is the debate we are facing. But we are winning, if we keep pushing back.

Dr. Dean said this morning we have to just keep pushing the Democrats, even the so called Blue Dogs, to support their "Democratic President, and his Democratic Health Care with Democratic Support and to get it done". The emphasis is his not mine.

He also said emails, not phone calls or letters were the best.. to each of the Blue Dog Coalition Democratic Senators and House Members on the list at Bill Press's site and at his, Dr. Dean's site. He said if you call, they don't have to talk to you if you don't live in their area...but emails they have to take. Letters the same thing. They will ignore them if they aren't from within their district.

Sean Hannity got a wake up call too. Media Matters has a video of him getting some push back from a "focus group" he had on his show and people started telling him they were tired of the misinformation on the Health Care Reform. Watch:

Now, I can't stand Hannity, I think he is about as low as Rush..but this is probably the best thing that can start happening to these low life's.. That and the sponsors leaving Beck's show.. I think it is up to 8 on that now. That's some of the best work we have all done.. but we can't stop.. it has to continue. Keep pushing the advertisers. Red Lobster is one of the only ones still there.. that I know of.. call them, write them.. let them know you aren't happy with them.


ZIRGAR said...

Annette: Great job! You've hit the proverbial nail on the head. Liberals promote life and conservatives don't. They say they do when they protest abortion and I can see their point in that regards, even if I disagree with them, but in every other instance they are opposed to life.

When I saw The Daily Show last night I actually stood up and shouted, "YES! Fuck that douche" (lol), when Stewart did his Beck segment. It was plain, simple and brilliant. He exposed Beck for the cheap hypocrite that he is.

Keep up the great work. You're doing a wonderful job here.

nonnie9999 said...

figures that sean insanity would have that little putz, frank luntz, at his side. hilarious how they try to look sincere while spewing their bullshit.

mommapolitico said...

Great post, Annette! As per usual, you are dead-on, on every point!

Yeah, I just don't understand what's going on with the mainstream media, except for the fact that they're owned by big corporations - not in their best interest to cover it...

I read a tweet the other day re: more sponsors Beck lost-will try to find the bitly link and post it here for you - look what you started, Girl! Way to go!

Keep fighting the good fight, Girlfriend. If we all don't get the word out, who else will???
Great post.

Paul said...

Poor little Glenn Beck, such a loser, he can’t keep his lies straight. But then most of “Fake News” are in the same boat. Sweet.

enigma4ever said...

great post, you really nailed it, the top poster says it all, really does...

Glenn Beck is an idiot..and I posted that original video back when it happened- I actually thought he might be enlightened after that- and then within 5 days I took it down because I realized he was an idiot.

Rick Larsen is a good guy, and brave that he held that meeting in the aquasox stadium, there were about 3000 there, he does care about health. In 2000 I was doing a county wide health survey , he came and met me and took the survey- he truly cares about health issues. He also came and met me in a Public Meeting and supported the Survey ( at the time my survey had Govt officials furious...ahhh the irony..)

Annette....keep blogging it and pounding and FB'ing etc...the thing is we are all Butterfly wings now...but if we keep at it, it will make a difference...Lives hang in the balance, it is up to us...

and yes Jon Stewart deserves some kind of reward ( if we did not have him...Keith, Rachel and Stephen...) I don't know where we would be...