Saturday, August 15, 2009

President's Weekly Address August 15, 2009

Real conversations about Health Care Reform, that's what we need to have. Not the shouting matches that we have seen at some of the Town Halls.

Real back and forth..honest conversations. Give and take, with respect and honest, truthful answers. If everyone would do that, we could have Health Care for all, and it would be passed with a majority of votes in both houses of Congress.

But, we can't have an honest conversation, because there is too much big money involved and too many Senators and Representatives paid off and too many lies being told that have to be debunked by someone.

Finally, some of the other Democrats are starting to push back too, so at least the president isn't the only one that is really putting truth to the lies out there, but when you are competing with a Cable Network, most of the other media outlets who can't call out a lie, almost all of the opposition party, and Insurance Companies and their lobbyists to boot, you need every voice you can to refute those lies.

But, the president has been doing a very good job of it I think.. and here he is again, putting himself out there to have a real talk about Health Care. He speaks truth, he speaks clearly, he speaks eloquently. Watch..

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themom said...

Have you seen the pictures of people holding signs reading "Youth In Asia - not for my Grandma?" Scary, wouldn't you say?

Septemeber is going to be an interesting month.