Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Newest Republican Jerk

Rep. Joseph Wilson, (R, SC) who is the idiot who yelled at the President tonight during the speech, Liar or You Lie, is the latest jerk.

When the POTUS was calling out the lies in the Health Care debate we have had over the last few months and he mentioned Illegal immigrants not being covered, which has been debunked numerous times, Mr. Wilson yelled out either liar or you lie, it is really hard to say...

There were several other times, republicans in the Hall booed the President and showed disrespect, never seen before that I can remember. I asked my uncle, who is 84 and watched with me and he said he didn't remember ever seeing it before either.

Watch this clip and see what you think... I am not sure what procedure needs to be done, but from what I heard Keith say, McCain has told him he needs to apologize to the President. We will see.

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TomCat said...

His apology is insufficient for his deed. Full public censure at a minimum.