Thursday, November 25, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Giving Thanks for Those Who Serve

From the White House blog:

The President expresses gratitude to America’s military men and women and their families, and discusses the steps his administration is taking to help create jobs so that next Thanksgiving, Americans can give thanks for a stronger economy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Day and enjoy it with those you love. I am thankful for all of you. My friends, family and loved ones who read this meager effort of mine and for all of you just for being you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Senators Opposing New START "Want to Trust But Not Verify"

From the White House blog:

In this week’s address, President Obama called ratifying New START this year “fundamental” to America’s national security. Failure to ratify the treaty this year not only would mean losing our nuclear inspectors in Russia, but also it would undermine the international coalition pressuring Iran, put to risk the transit routes used to equip our troops in Afghanistan, and undo decades of American leadership and bipartisanship on nuclear security. After six months, 18 hearings, and nearly one thousand questions answered and with the support of several Republicans including Colin Powell, George Schultz, Jim Baker, and Henry Kissinger, it is time for the Senate to act.

This is just another example of the Rethugs blocking anything this President wants done. There is no reason for anything but a straight vote on this.

Don't we have a lot to look forward to for the next 2 years?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: President Obama Calls for Compromise and Explains his Priorities on Taxes

From the White House blog:

As Congress prepares to focus on taxes when it returns to work later this month, President Obama called on both parties to work together and focus on the areas where all sides agree. First, the President underscored that middle-class families need permanent tax relief, so Congress should permanently extend tax cuts for all families making less than $250,000 a year – 98 percent of the American people. And second, he noted that, with the nation’s challenging fiscal situation, the country simply cannot afford to borrow another $700 billion on permanent tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

I know, I know, no one wants the President to compromise with the Republicans. They all want him to yell and scream and stomp his feet in frustration over the obstruction that has happened the last 2 years and will probably continue.

However, you have to understand this President does not operate that way. He has laid out what he wants and he expects the grownups in the Congress to respond in kind.

He makes the valid point that if the Repubs really want to reduce the deficit the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy have to be allowed to expire. You don't add to the deficit if you want it reduced. Math just doesn't work that way.

Now maybe if we had a responsible media who would do their jobs and let the American People know the truth, instead of just letting the propaganda of the other party be the narrative, everyone would understand that.