Saturday, February 27, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: The Olympic Spirit, the Spirit of Bipartisanship, and Health Reform

From the White House Blog:

The President takes a moment to congratulate our Olympic athletes. Discussing the unity and pride Americans feel in cheering them on, the President relates that sentiment to his own desire for bipartisanship in Washington. He praises the recent bipartisan meeting and talks about moving forward on health reform.

I have watched a lot of the Olympics.. They have been wonderful. Team USA is masterful this year. Setting records and creating lots of new ones for the next Olympic champions to strive for.

I also watched the Health Care Summit this week. What a joke it was. The Republicans walked in the door saying we need to start over and walked out saying the same thing. Yes, they had a few ideas, but most of them were already in the bills which have been passed.

The R's have no intention of voting for any Health Care Reform bill, as Tweety always says, ( as much as I hate to give him much credit most of the but sometimes you have to ) if they really intended to do Health Care Reform, in all the years the Republican's controlled the White House and the Congress, they would have done it. They have always managed to push through anything else they want,, and this would be no exception. But the R's don't want Health Care for all.. plain and simple.

So, it is up to the Democratic Party to get this done, and hopefully after this week, it will get done. There isn't much to do now. Just the House accepting the Senate bill and the Senate tweaking a few things through the majority vote.. and I wish they would start calling it that instead of Reconciliation. Branding is so much a huge part of things.

Of course, Andrea Mitchell and her GOP talking points of "ramming it through" as she said yesterday several times doesn't help either.

Oh well, we just have to stand together and get it done... call your Senator, your Representative and remind them you want this done... Let's help them make this easy choice.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Premiums, Profits, and the Need for Health Reform

From the White House Blog:

The President points to outrageous premium hikes from health insurance companies, especially those already making massive profits, as further proof of the need for reform. Looking ahead to the coming bipartisan meeting on reform, the President urges members of Congress to come to the table in good faith to address the issue.

And Mr. President WE know the people want a Public Option..... so do about 20 Democratic Senators. I called my Senator's office yesterday. I also sent her a message from her web site. Mine is Claire McCaskill, she has come out in favor of the Public Option in the past. Right now she is out of the country visiting the troops, however the gentleman I spoke with said he would pass my message along.

This is what we need to be doing people, calling these Senator's Offices and letting them know how we feel. Even if they are a Rethug... let them hear from you... I know it seems like a useless call..but trust me .. those calls are logged and they will see how many are FOR the Public Option...

If they are open to ideas and if this letter is presented with enough signatures on Thursday, how can they refuse to at least discuss it? So the more we get on board for it the better. CALL....CALL....CALL.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

VP Biden Tells the Former VP the Truth and Calls him out

On Meet The Press Sunday morning.. VP Joe Biden was on and David Gregory was carrying water for the previous administration as usual. The VP said numerous times that Dickless was misrepresenting the facts of what was happening with the war against al Qaeda and that he must be trying to rewrite history.

Then he stated Dickless was just factually WRONG. In other words.. he was lying. I loved it.. Here it is if you missed it.

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Then Gregory asked him about the trial of KSM, and how it is going to work out. Biden again pushed back against his stupidity.

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Another part of their conversation concerned the Iraq war. This was a very good section too.

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Now it is time for the "Round Table" with the great Rachel Maddow, David Brooks, Aaron Schock, (R, IL) and Harold Ford, (DINO,NY or TN).

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In this section, Rachel does her best work when she calls out Rep. Schock for his hypocrisy in voting against the Recovery Act, then bragging about the money he brought home to his district. He tries to worm out of it, but he is no match for Rachel.

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That's all I am going to post.. If you want to see the entire episode you can go to and look for the link to MTP. I posted the highlights.. There is a little more besides this but this is the meat and potatoes of the show. Most of the rest is just spin and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Pay As You Go

From the White House Blog:

The President, having just signed the "Pay As You Go" law, discusses the importance of this fundamental rule to getting budget deficits in check. Ensuring that new spending and tax cuts are offset was a important factor in creating the budget surplus of the late 1990’s.

This may be too early for this... with the recovery still shaky.. but this is a good thing. I don't know enough about economics to really know.

By doing this, maybe people will start to see this president is serious about cutting the deficit and not just talking about it. The Rethugs are all about talking and not doing. They have talked about how they wanted this done, but when it came time to vote... everyone of them voted AGAINST this bill.

We need to point this out over and over. They have NO, NONE, ZERO credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility, just as they have NO, NONE, ZERO credibility when it comes to security of the country. And the more we point this out, the more we win on these subjects.

This is one way we can help our President and Congress get re-elected, and this is just a small way. Show everyone the ways this President and the Democratic members of Congress are working for US and our future, and that the Rethugs are doing nothing but talking.

Any other ideas you have?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jon Stewart Nails it Again... The Apparent Trap

I can't compete with Jon Stewart this week. He shows the hypocrisy of the Rethuglican's better than anyone else. Our so called MSM doesn't even bother to challenge them or confront them with their hypocrisy or their lies.

At least Jon Stewart will call them on it, even if it is in a comedic vein.

Here is his take on the Health Care Reform meeting. He shows how they are talking about it with no knowledge of what they are even saying. John Oliver is back in Hawaii with the RNC and speaking with Hawaiian's who have "Socialistic Health Care" and have had for 40 years.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is how we should take on the Tea Party and the woman who spoke there. Instead of making so much of it.. Make fun of it. Show how stupid they are and how little sense they make.

Belittle them and show their ignorance for all to see. This is how the "lamestream media" should be covering these people, instead of elevating them to a level they have not achieved.

I give you Jon Stewart and Amerigasm:

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Opening Doors for Small Business

From The White House Blog:

Reiterating once again his commitment to small business as the engine of our economy, the President urges Congress to move forward immediately on steps to help them expand and create jobs. These proposals include using $30 billion in TARP funds to create a new Small Business Lending Fund to provide capital to community banks to increase lending to small businesses, offering a new tax credit for over one million small businesses that hire new workers or raise wages, and providing targeted support for the most innovative small businesses with the potential to export new goods and products.

Now, I don't claim to be the smartest person in the room, but this sure makes sense to me. Since the Rethugs claim the Government can't create jobs, give the money to the small businesses and allow them to create jobs. Works for me.

If the big banks won't lend, go around the big banks directly to the local small banks, that works too.... And the money, from the big banks paying back their loans... I think that is called poetic justice.

I also like how he gets the Rethugs in the end... when he says...

The proposals I’ve outlined are not Democratic or Republican; liberal or conservative. They are pro-business, they are pro-growth, and they are pro-job. Leaders in both parties have supported similar ideas in the past. So let’s come together and pass these measures without delay. Let’s put more Americans back to work, and let’s give our small business owners the support to do what they’ve always done: the freedom to pursue their dreams and build our country’s future. Thanks for listening.

That's what you call boxing them in the corner, how can they fight it.. how can they vote against it. but I am sure they will find some way..

What do you think... Will they vote for it or against the American's and Jobs?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of the Best Blogs Ever!

I have read Margaret and Helen religiously since I found them about 2 years ago. These 2 ladies cut through the mud and just lay it on the line.

They are both in their 80's and they cut no slack to anyone. Mostly Helen writes and Margaret adds a little here and there. Margaret is married to a Republican and Helen feels her pain. However they are both very open in their disgust with the way things are going in the way of politics. Also, they have a deep seated loathing of all things Palin, Limbballs and Beck. Here is their latest contribution. Oh, and if you aren't reading them, Well why not?

Margaret, I really do like this President. He is young and smart… and I think he is trying his best under bad circumstances to do the right thing and create change for good. Not easy these days… Sort of like your convincing Howard that seeing a doctor annually at his age is still preventative medicine. You’ve both got a tough sales job ahead of you.

I really do appreciate his trying to reach across the aisle - as they say – and get Republicans to work towards bipartisanship. But honey, that dog just don’t hunt. Trying to reach bipartisanship with this particular Republican Party will probably achieve bipolarism instead of bipartisanship.

Harsh? Well yes maybe I am being a bit harsh. Part of the problem? Well maybe that too. After all bipartisanship requires a little give and take from both sides. So who am I to suggest that the problem is mainly with the Republicans?

See what I mean... she cuts no slack for

But there is more:

To all my Republican readers out there – I have had quite enough of your nonsense.

Your party gave us Sarah Palin and George W. Bush – dumb and dumber. He’s the guy whose mission still isn’t accomplished and she’s the gal who couldn’t handle being governor of one of our least populous states. Even the “professional” wrestler was able to finish the job in Minnesota.

Your party had an issue with President Obama telling school children to stay in school and study hard. I guess a black man can’t be trusted with your children regardless of his credentials. And your party decided the tradition of separating church and state had an expiration date. You love the constitution but you seem to pick through that document the same way you pick through the Bible – with all the effectiveness of eating corn on the cob through a picket fence.

We are actively involved in two wars, but you just can’t understand why the deficit is so big? Regardless of what you have been told, every time a bomb is dropped, an angel does not get her wings. Hint: Defense spending represents almost one quarter of all federal spending.

Today’s Republican Party has an issue with abortion, but then fights against healthcare reform knowing full well that more than 9 million children lack health insurance. A stretch argument to be sure, but then again 18 19 Children and Counting is a big hit.

My party at least recognizes the need for increased access to birth control. Your party is pro-life right up until they cut the cord and then you turn your attention to electing judges who promote shortening the waiting time on death row.

And for Pete’s sake your party has an issue with gay people, but you gladly send your straight children to war while telling gays they cannot serve. This one, more than any other, has me scratching my head. Aren’ t you just delaying their eventual trip to Hell?

You actually have Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as your spokesmen. Rush Limbaugh? Are you serious? Even the NFL didn’t want Limbaugh. And Beck… Glenn Beck? When people use the expression ”nuttier than a fruitcake” Glenn Beck is the main ingredient.

The Republican Party of yesteryear was respectable. You were all about a small government that carried a big stick. Now you are just despicable. You used to be the Party of Lincoln and now – honest to God – you make Archie Bunker look progressive.

If it wasn’t for Fox News you would be irrelevent. That’s right. You have become a party that owes its entire existence to a cable news channel owned by an Aussie. Your mascot should be a kangaroo instead of an elephant. After all, the last guy you sent to the White House arrived there thanks to a kangaroo court ruling rather than an election. He then spent the next 8 years bringing our nation to its knees. How about sitting down and shutting your damn pie holes long enough to see if the guy in office now can actually clean up your mess. Honestly, you are embarrassing yourself.

Look. My party has problems too. It’s biggest problem might be in attempting to please everyone, the Democratic Party seems to please no one. But diversity of opinions is something I am willing to work through. Bigotry and ignorance is not. I mean it. Really.

And that's all for Helen... But as I said.. she doesn't pull punches. She says what she feels and lays it on the line.

Now, here is Margaret's response:

Helen, dear, one of the many things I love about you is your ability to see the positive in just about every situation. Now it might take you a while to get there and it might involve scalping a Republican or two along the way, but eventually you do and life is a much better place for it. Now, could you please just explain to me why my Howard thinks now is the perfect time to get a good deal on a new Toyota? Honestly, Helen, that man will be the death of me yet

According to the bio portion, Margaret isn't the writer of the two. She calls Helen and then Helen writes it up.

Like I said, if you aren't reading this blog everytime a new post is out... Why not?

Add them to your reading list.. you will be better for it.