Saturday, February 13, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Pay As You Go

From the White House Blog:

The President, having just signed the "Pay As You Go" law, discusses the importance of this fundamental rule to getting budget deficits in check. Ensuring that new spending and tax cuts are offset was a important factor in creating the budget surplus of the late 1990’s.

This may be too early for this... with the recovery still shaky.. but this is a good thing. I don't know enough about economics to really know.

By doing this, maybe people will start to see this president is serious about cutting the deficit and not just talking about it. The Rethugs are all about talking and not doing. They have talked about how they wanted this done, but when it came time to vote... everyone of them voted AGAINST this bill.

We need to point this out over and over. They have NO, NONE, ZERO credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility, just as they have NO, NONE, ZERO credibility when it comes to security of the country. And the more we point this out, the more we win on these subjects.

This is one way we can help our President and Congress get re-elected, and this is just a small way. Show everyone the ways this President and the Democratic members of Congress are working for US and our future, and that the Rethugs are doing nothing but talking.

Any other ideas you have?


Jerry Critter said...

You are right about rethugs and fiscal responsibility. Clinton had "Pay As You Go". Now Obama has "Pay As You Go".

And in between? What did Bush have?

NOTHING!!! The rethugs talk a good line. But when it comes to action, THEY are the ones who have run up the majority of the deficit.

Republican Mantra: "Spend And Don't Pay".

Annette said...

Thanks Jerry for stopping by and commenting. I just think it is something we have to keep pointing out over and over.. People have to wake up and smell the coffee..

The Rethugs have been winning the message war and the media have been helping them. We have to start shouting this from the rooftops and helping this President. I don't agree with him 100% but this is one thing I am firmly behind him on.

TomCat said...

Paygo was originally a Republican idea. Bush got around it by putting his wars and tax cuts for the rich 'off budget'. Although I do not always agree with him, I do believe that Obama want's what's best for the country. However, many blue dogs have so many GOP fleas that I'm notr so sure about them.

Annette said...

Well whether it was a Rethug idea or not, it is still good fiscal policy and it worked very well under Bill Clinton, it should work well now. Since it is now a law it will force Congress to act in a responsible way. The president is serious about this stuff and Congress will have no choice but to follow his lead in this matter.