Saturday, February 6, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Opening Doors for Small Business

From The White House Blog:

Reiterating once again his commitment to small business as the engine of our economy, the President urges Congress to move forward immediately on steps to help them expand and create jobs. These proposals include using $30 billion in TARP funds to create a new Small Business Lending Fund to provide capital to community banks to increase lending to small businesses, offering a new tax credit for over one million small businesses that hire new workers or raise wages, and providing targeted support for the most innovative small businesses with the potential to export new goods and products.

Now, I don't claim to be the smartest person in the room, but this sure makes sense to me. Since the Rethugs claim the Government can't create jobs, give the money to the small businesses and allow them to create jobs. Works for me.

If the big banks won't lend, go around the big banks directly to the local small banks, that works too.... And the money, from the big banks paying back their loans... I think that is called poetic justice.

I also like how he gets the Rethugs in the end... when he says...

The proposals I’ve outlined are not Democratic or Republican; liberal or conservative. They are pro-business, they are pro-growth, and they are pro-job. Leaders in both parties have supported similar ideas in the past. So let’s come together and pass these measures without delay. Let’s put more Americans back to work, and let’s give our small business owners the support to do what they’ve always done: the freedom to pursue their dreams and build our country’s future. Thanks for listening.

That's what you call boxing them in the corner, how can they fight it.. how can they vote against it. but I am sure they will find some way..

What do you think... Will they vote for it or against the American's and Jobs?


Sue said...

well at first I thought the GOP will vote NO on the jobs bill but Reid thinks he has bipartisan agreement to pass it, we'll soon see! I think it will need much more than 30 billion tho..

this link I also added on my latest post shows a graph and how more jobs are created under dem administrations.

Annette said...

Yeah, Bob Cesca has the same chart posted and also how the Stock Market has rallied too. I know Reid says he has votes for it.. but I am still not sure the Rethugs will vote for it.. They will say and have already said the president can't use the TARP money for it.. and such as that. So they will find a way to obstruct I am sure.

mommapolitico said...

Well, Girls, I doubt that this logical, no-nonsense, practical jobs program will garner any Rethug's votes. Jesus Christ himself would be viewed as a Socialist if he was governing in opposition to the GOP! But it's a solid bill, and it'd be nice to put the money back into something that would promote growth and provide benefits for working families. Thanks, Annette, for the clip and the post - great work as always!

Annette said...

Thanks Perry.. I am with you.. I really don't believe the majority of them will vote for it.. There might be a few.. but it will be the ones who are safe in their seats.. or are retiring this year.... Those would be the only ones.