Saturday, February 27, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: The Olympic Spirit, the Spirit of Bipartisanship, and Health Reform

From the White House Blog:

The President takes a moment to congratulate our Olympic athletes. Discussing the unity and pride Americans feel in cheering them on, the President relates that sentiment to his own desire for bipartisanship in Washington. He praises the recent bipartisan meeting and talks about moving forward on health reform.

I have watched a lot of the Olympics.. They have been wonderful. Team USA is masterful this year. Setting records and creating lots of new ones for the next Olympic champions to strive for.

I also watched the Health Care Summit this week. What a joke it was. The Republicans walked in the door saying we need to start over and walked out saying the same thing. Yes, they had a few ideas, but most of them were already in the bills which have been passed.

The R's have no intention of voting for any Health Care Reform bill, as Tweety always says, ( as much as I hate to give him much credit most of the but sometimes you have to ) if they really intended to do Health Care Reform, in all the years the Republican's controlled the White House and the Congress, they would have done it. They have always managed to push through anything else they want,, and this would be no exception. But the R's don't want Health Care for all.. plain and simple.

So, it is up to the Democratic Party to get this done, and hopefully after this week, it will get done. There isn't much to do now. Just the House accepting the Senate bill and the Senate tweaking a few things through the majority vote.. and I wish they would start calling it that instead of Reconciliation. Branding is so much a huge part of things.

Of course, Andrea Mitchell and her GOP talking points of "ramming it through" as she said yesterday several times doesn't help either.

Oh well, we just have to stand together and get it done... call your Senator, your Representative and remind them you want this done... Let's help them make this easy choice.


K. said...

Let them talking about "ramming it through." We can, if we will, talk about their utter bad faith. Bend them over and, as Harry Truman would say, make these Republicans like it.

Obama did a good job of exposing the puniness of their ideas and their insincerity about starting anew. Progressives have to follow through by repeating this mantra on the airwaves and in the blogosphere. We also have to point out over and over that reconciliation is on the table only because R's have abused the filibuster, applying it a record number of times. All we want is an up-or-down vote on a bill that has already passed the Senate with 60 votes.

Sue said...

Aaaaah my guy, President Barack Obama. I watched almost all the summit Thursday, he WAS the smartest man in the room thats why the repubs act like jealous teenagers. I hope the repubs around the country watched it too so they could see their hypocrite leaders. They are worthless but they want it like that I guess. Obama will NOT drop this HC reform, it will happen soon!

Patricia said...

Hi Annette. Been gone a long time. I'm glad you've hung in better than I did. Great post, as usual.

Annette said...

K, I agree with you.. I was just pointing out that Andrea Mitchell was pushing the GOP line just as much as the members of Congress were. That is one of the reasons I don't like her.. the majority of her guests are GOPers, and even if they aren't she pushes the line just as if they are there and never challenges their lies.

Annette said...

Sue, I watched all of it... most of it on Cspan 3 so I wouldn't have to listen to a bunch of idiots talking over it... when they took a break and had people calling in it was amazing the number of Republican callers who said they heard no ideas and nothing but kill the bill from the Rethugs and they were amazed that was all they had to offer.... That for months the GOPers had been saying they had all these ideas yet now they weren't putting them forward.. I would say that was almost 2 to 1.. the Moderator would then ask them if they realized they were calling on the Republican line and they would say, I AM A REPUBLICAN, but right now I am not very proud.

I just laughed when I heard that.

Annette said...

Zen Yenta, It is wonderful to have you back. I have missed your contributions and have wondered about you a lot. Hope all is as well as it can be, and that you and Mr Yenta are hanging in there.

Thanks for stopping by. Will be looking for you to stop as you can.

TomCat said...

Hi Annette

I'm rushing through to let you know that I've moved Politics Plus to

You're in the new blogroll there. Would you please update me in yours?

Annette said...

Thanks for stopping by TomCat and letting me know.. It is updated.

mommapolitico said...

Yep, let's get it done already! I watched it, too, of course - what self-respecting wonk didn't??? ;) There's really no reason to wait. We can fix what damage has been done in reconciliation and get it through.

You're right, Annette, re: branding. Now the GOP is calling reconciliation the "nuclear option"...uh, didn't they invent that term for getting rid of the filibuster??? Now that really ticked me off. GOP = new bumper sticker!

Great post, Girl, as always! :) You are dead-on!

Annette said...

Hey MP, glad to see you..

Yep, I wouldn't have missed it for anything.. it was refreshing listening to it on CSpan and hearing the people calling and finally seeing them awaken as to the obstructionism of the R's.. and the amazement of the Moderator when he kept saying but you are calling on the R

They also had someone on from Politico who kept pushing the GOPer line and finally someone called them on that too.. she was soon gone...I thought that was kinda funny too.. I had always thought CSpan was supposed to be nonpartisan but they sure were leaning right Thursday.. in a HUGE way.. and got caught.