Monday, June 15, 2009

Support David Letterman

Support David Letterman against the lies of Sarah Palin.

Here is a link to the David Letterman support group on FaceBook against the lies of Sarah Palin.

This all started last week when Dave made some questionable jokes about Palin and her daughter. Yes, the jokes were of questionable taste, and yes they were out of line. But the response of Palin was also out of line and in questionable taste.

Dave has walked it back, said he was talking about the 18 year old daughter, who gave birth to a child, and has been in the public eye recently talking about of all things abstinence.

This makes a lot of sense when you have just given birth to a child, out of wedlock, and have no plans at this time to marry the father of your child. Yet, Palin didn't let it drop there, she had to take it one step farther and say that Letterman was talking about her 14 year old daughter.

Then she makes an innuendo of pedophilia toward Letterman, saying she couldn't trust her daughter with him so she wouldn't be able to accept his invitation to appear on his show to accept the apology he was giving.

Then, one of the groups that seem to rabidly follow her attacked Dave and called for his firing and formed a group on Facebook. Already it seems one advertiser has withdrawn.

We have to make sure Dave is supported and can't let Palin win in her vile attempt to bash Dave. He has issued another full apology which will air tonight on his show. It is a gracious and kindly worded apology and should end it all here, if she will let it. Time will tell.


ZIRGAR said...

You're right in that Dave's jokes were in bad taste, but Palin's response has been nothing but exploitation of her own daughter to further her own agenda, and it's disgusting. She's right to call Dave out, no doubt about it, and to his credit he apologized, but at what point did her indignation become exploitation? I'm not sure, but I think we've passed that boundary.

ZenYenta said...

Dave will be fine. This is nothing that Letterman can't handle. The joke was in poor taste and it wasn't his best work anyway, but the resultant flap is a free publicity windfall. No one who watches Letterman regularly cares much if he oversteps his bounds once in a while, especially when it comes to a figure like Palin. Palin, on the other hand, makes herself and her family look more like fools every time she ventures into the public arena.

themom said...

For a woman who WANTS to keep her face in the media...she is making a lame attempt at denigrating Letterman. 1. He is a comedian, he makes jokes for a living. 2. She made the sole decision to parade her family and flaws in public, when she accepted McC's offer. 3. Due to her decisions - you "reap what you sow."

I have no sympathy for that woman - I cannot stand to listen to her butcher the English language, and make non-sensical statments. She is destined to lose this battle.

sally schneider` said...

His joke may have been a poor choice, but his apology was very classy. Well done, David.

LoneWolf said...

I completely support Letterman. I don't always agree with everything he says, BUT he is a comedian first and foremost and his job is to take situations and make them funny. A nice change for an world that is wound so tightly that the spring is ready to expode at any given moment. I think Dave has already gone far enough with offering two apologies. He owes this woman who loves media attention NOTHING MORE!! I sure hope he doesn't feel that he "owes" her anything more. I hear they are calling for him to step down and fund Palin's charity of choice. I can only see this as her way of getting a large "donation" for her legal fund where she is constantly causing problems. It's too bad the RNC didn't do their homework before vetting her to be McCain's VP. They have created a monster!!

Anonymous said...

Please stop by and say no to censorship.

Matt Osborne said...

I am calling Olive Garden to let them know I will NOT be eating at their restaurant. They have displayed utter cowardice and pandered to the fifteen (FIFTEEN!!!) nutty protesters outside Letterman's theatre the other night.