Saturday, January 2, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: The Fight Against Al Qaeda

From the White House Blog:

The President discusses the recent attempted act of terrorism on the Christmas day flight to Detroit, and his broader strategy to fight Al Qaeda.

We have to stand up and help the President in this. We need to be loud and long in our support of him against the attacks made as he tries to fix this problem.

The attacks on him are coming because he didn't wear a tie, he waited until he had all the facts before he spoke.. a whole 3 days, and because he was in "exotic Hawaii" which you know is barely even a state, and he should have come back to Washington immediately.

Never mind that all of those things pertain to Bush after Richard Reid, the so called Shoe Bomber tried to blow up an airplane. Well except Hawaii, and Bush, not only did not come back to Washington, he left Washington and went to Texas, after it happened. He also didn't speak for 6 days after the attack.. yes, that's right SIX days.. not 3, not 72 hours.. but 6, count them SIX days after the attack.

Sam Stein has a great write up of the entire set of events surrounding the Bush Shoe Bombing Debacle in the Huffington Post. He lays out the time line and talks about the lack of criticism from people then. And all of this was less than 4 months after September 11th.

But, I guess it is like the acronym we have all seen.. IOKIYAR, I think we all know what that means.. and if you don't.. just ask.. I will tell you..

So with Cheney coming out from his hiding place, and speaking out again, different Senators and Congress people trying to raise money off this, we have to stand firm and speak out against this.

Let people know they are wrong to criticize this President for his strong stand against the extremists who are trying to harm us all. This doesn't have anything to do with the war, this is against the people who are still determined to blow up airplanes, or do something else to harm Americans, right here on our soil. They are there, and we have to support our President as he does all he can to protect us.


trishSWFL said...

I like like the acronym...IOKIYAR. It says it all, ya know?

Cheney needs to just slither back under his rock and STFU, and can he please take a few of the others with him?

You're right---we must stand up and support our President; let's appreciate having an intelligent adult in charge of things!

Annette said...

Thanks Trish.. and Happy New Year.. Glad to have you visit again.. It has been too long.

TomCat said...

None of the crotch bomber incident is Obama's doing.

Who set up the DHS apparatus that failed? Bush and the GOP. Who released Yemeni AQ leaders from Gitmo to suck up to the Saudis? Bush and the GOP. Who gave the crotch bomber his US Visa? Bush and the GOP. Who allowed the crotch bomber into the US on two previous occasions? Bush and the GOP. Who, when an intelligence operative tried to impress on him the importance of a report that AQ planned to attack the US less than a month before 9/11 said, "OK, you've covered your butt." Bush.

When minions of the GOP try to tell the big lie, as they will over and over again, remember these facts.

Annette said...

That's my point exactly Tom.. We have to remember those facts and keep reminding others of them.. That's why I pointed out Sam's article and said we have to support the President in this.. yes there was a break down but I don't believe it was this administrations fault..

Sue said...

in this political arena no rightwing nut is gonna come to our blogs and believe anything we say. Really we are just speaking to each other and trying our damndest to stay united, stand together to fight the evil on the right. We must not let them divide us so they take the majority ever again. Keep speaking out LOUD AND CLEAR people! Fight, fight, fight!!!!

Annette said...

Oh yes, Sue they will come and they will be talking loud about it before long.. Just wait and see.. That's why we must stay together and remember the facts and use them against them.

And there is always the papers, we can write letters to the editors, we can call radio stations, we can do all kinds of things besides just on the blogs.. we just have to stay tough.

mommapolitico said...

You're right on, GIrls. We have to make sure our voices are heard, even if it only rallies the troops and helps folks to, as you've herd me say, keep the faith.

And Tom's dead-on, in that the hypocrisy must be pointed out and they need to be called on it when it happens. Not enough Dems in power are speaking out over the underwear/shoe bomber hypocrisy...just a handful. Rachel's last show of the year really spelled it out. Meanwhile, we keep fighting the good fight, Kids. Letters to the editor, blogs, tweeting your blog and flagging it with tags that will get attention (#p2, #du1, #maddow, etc.)You never know where it might go from there!

Great post - thanks for my weekly Prez update -keep up the good work, Sistah!

Annette said...

Thanks BlogSistah.. I just feel we have to rally around the flag so to speak.. This is something that just amazes me and several others.. When we were attacked on 9-11, the entire country came together to support the Bush-Cheney Mis-Administration.. even through the debacle that was the shoe bomber.. we all still supported our President and stood Patriotic and Proud of our country.. Now it is attack.. Why? That's what I don't understand and just need us to try to point out to everyone.