Saturday, February 12, 2011

The President's WEEKLY ADDRESS: “It’s Time Washington Acted as Responsibly as Our Families Do”

From the White House blog:

President Obama used his weekly address to preview his budget saying that it will help the government live within its means, while still investing in the future. In addition to stripping out waste, his budget includes a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years—even for programs he cares deeply about—which will reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade. And, it will make investments in the future, by supporting what will do the most to grow the economy in the years to come. This means investing in things like infrastructure, research, and education.

This sounds much better than what I have been hearing from the GOPers... At least this makes sense and will help move the country forward and create jobs.

As I have seen all over, Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs?


mommapolitico said...

I was looking at the White House White Board, which I love:

It's usually a hands-on, bare bones look at how whatever policy measures are being pushed will have an effect on our financial future as a nation. The one on the national WIreless Initiative is pretty great. Austan Goolsby may have a weird name, but he is one smart guy, with the incredible skill of making the unintelligible, well, intelligible! :) Infrastructure and clean energy is the way to go.

I am hopeful that The President will run with the opportunities that the GOP in the House have been giving him on a daily basis, as they refuse to consider making jobs a priority, for all their pre-election hype. Time off every 2 weeks ought to keep the House in limbo, especialy if all they do is push their culture war issues forward. They are making 2012 look pretty good for us this time around!

Thanks, Annette, as always, for keeping me up to speed. Take care, Girlfriend, and Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. :)

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gusDon said...

I think Obama is a good president, he just needs time to prove himself ..... There's always trouble ahead, but he is a tough!
Do not know what you think, bro!

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