Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Have 60! Cross Your Fingers!

Sen. Ben Nelson finally said he would vote for the Health Reform Bill.

Yes, we have 60 votes.

You can read the report here at TPMDC.

There is language stating states may opt out, states may limit abortion funds.. you can read all the details at the TPM site..

Let's get the voting done before someone else changes their mind or throws up another road block.


Sue said...

I have goosebumps right now! Thanks Annette, and thanks for putting up with me! :-)

Annette said...

It's no problem Sue.. You are just listening to the voices that are very confusing.. I know.. but that's why I stopped listening to them.

morb320 said...

Thanks so much for this, Annette. God is good, and he does listen to the "little" people like myself. I had to stop visiting many web sites due to all of the negativity directed at the president for the failure of the dems to get hcr through the Senate. It's been better for my nerves and blood pressure. I've been praying about all of the problems we have in this country, and that God will help the president tackle them, and my prayers are working. I was very concerned about the Inhofe "truth squad's" trip to Copenhagen to undermine President Obama's climate change agenda, and I was glad to see that it was a total failure. He rented a private jet, went to Copenhagen and found no one there was interested in what he had to say. A reporter from Der Speigel told him to his face that he was ridiculous. He was no where to be found when SOS Clinton, Speaker Pelosi, President Obama, and the other big hitters arrived. He had tucked his tail between his legs and high-tailed it back to the good old USA, but not before saying that the U.S. Senate would never pass a cap and trade bill. Think Progress notes that because OK depends so much on oil is most likely why Inhofe is a climate change denier. I'm staying off most of the big blogs and continuing my prayer vigil. It's funny that the far right-wingers think that gathering for a "Prayercast" featuring high profilers is the only way to pray and get answers. Their hubris is not related to actually practicing Christianity but to showing people how "christian" they are. The Bible clearly says to pray in private, not in public to put on a show, which is what they did.

Annette, thanks for all you do.

Annette said...

Thanks Majii... I agree.. the Right is just like the Pharisee's in the Bible.. all about themselves and showing everyone how great they are.. while all the while they were the biggest hypocrites.. We just have to keep the faith and keep believing and trusting.. No the President won't always do everything we want him to do.. and we can take that up when it happens..but for now he needs our support.