Saturday, July 24, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Moving Forward on the Economy vs. Moving Backward

From the White House blog:

Following the signing of historic Wall Street Reform legislation, the President lays out his plans to strengthen the middle class, give tax breaks to small businesses that create jobs here, invest in homegrown, clean energy, and cut taxes for working families. The President also contrasts that plan with the agenda outlined by the Republican House Leader that would return America to the policies that created this economic crisis, drastically increase the deficit, and make permanent massive tax breaks for the very wealthiest Americans.

We can't talk about this enough. People have a choice to make this election and we have to remind them where we came from. Some still doubt that we were about to go into a financial collapse. Yes, it was of the banks own making but still it is hard to prove that something was stopped from happening.

No one, least of all the President wanted to rescue the banks, but it was believed at the time BUSH did the first bailout of them, it was absolutely necessary. We also have to remind people it was BUSH who started it... I saw a poll the other day which stated over 50% of the people think it was Pres. Obama who did Tarp.

It is a pretty simple choice.. the same policies that got us here, or the policies that are getting us out. No it isn't happening as quickly as everyone really wants, but it is happening.

I hope you can get the vote out this fall so we don't go back. Another thing for consideration, if the Rethugs come back into power, it will be endless investigations and even impeachment for the President.


Sue said...

we gotta be fighters Annette! we are a fickle nation, its a damn shame the people can't hold on for more than 2 years before giving up hope. It's really sickening..

Leslie Parsley said...

There are no grounds to impeach the President. And yes, you're right about every thing else. I'm totally disgusted with fair weather Democrats.

Annette said...

No, there are no grounds to impeach him... but since when has the truth ever stopped the Rethugs?

You know they were in power for 12 years before we had another Democratic Congress... are people really that forgetful that they can consider putting them back in power and undoing all the hard work that has been done.

It just sickens me to think of it.