Saturday, July 3, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: A Solar Recovery

From the White House blog:

As part of the explosion of Recovery Act projects this summer and as a move towards a clean energy future, the President announces nearly $2 billion in conditional commitments to key solar companies. Learn more from the White House fact sheet.

This address has He calls out the GOPers, he talks about new jobs in the Solar and Wind Energy field. Then at the last he reminds us of our greatness as a country and he mentions the troops around the world.

I love how he is taking on the GOPers... all I can say to that is People need to realize how much they are blocking and what they are blocking. The benefits to veterans, the unemployment extensions and a new jobs bill to help this economy continue to recover.

All this deficit talk is nonsense. Don't people realize once the jobs start coming back and revenues go up the deficit will go down? How can they not see that? I am not talking about the GOPers... they have decided if they can obstruct and keep this recovery from happening they will regain power... That's all this is, an attempt at a power grab.

I have to wonder how many people who are struggling and out of work are worrying about the deficit in this country. I don't think it is that many.... but the GOPers with the media helping as always is trying to push this. Please help educate people about this. If you find someone who is expressing concern... explain it to them. But remember you may have to use small words...........LOL


K. said...

It's good to hear him hammer the Republicans. He tried to work with them, but -- as Fred Astaire said in Holiday Inn -- a gentle hand breeds a kick in the pants. So, to hell with them.

Annette said...

I hope he continues and I wish more in Congress would follow his lead on this.. The Dems need to be shouting from the rooftops about the GOPer obstruction.. Especially the UI and the Veterans issues.