Saturday, August 21, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: No Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy

From the White House blog:

The President calls out Republicans for blocking campaign finance reforms that would address the Supreme Court decision opening the floodgates of corporate money into elections.

This is something we should all be concerned about. This corporate takeover of the elections and our Democracy. With the Citizen's United case it has opened the floodgates of money to elections and to special interest groups and allows them to donate without disclosing names or individuals who have given.

We have had enough problems with elections in this country. Now we have to worry that the one with the biggest pocket, not necessarily the best person for the job, will be winning.

It reminds me of the old days, when people bought votes, dead people were voting and the like. We can't allow this to happen. We shouldn't allow this to happen.


mommapolitico said...

Annette, I am so glad you posted on this topic. I am constantly amazed that the Citizens United decision hasn't caused more outrage. It's a huge game-changer, and yet another underhanded way for the GOP to keep control. Thanks for putting this out into the blogosphere once more. Keep fighting the good fight, Girlfriend!

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Momma's onto to it here. This benefits the right so they shut up. Sadly, there is no real organizaton and discipline among the left. It's not fair to the President that there is no organization and common theme among us. Every day even we bloggers are on to a new outrage and the old is forgotten.