Saturday, October 23, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Letting Wall Street Run Wild Again

From the White House blog:

Pointing to the foreclosure crisis and the economy, the President cites passage of Wall Street Reform over the ferocious lobbying of Wall Street banks as a pivotal achievement -- and condemns Republicans in Congress for vowing to repeal it.

The President is correct, if the GOPers take control, this is what we can expect. They will work for repeal and overturning the laws we have all worked so hard to pass. Financial Reform, Health Care Reform. All of them.

This is just another reason we have to GOTV and keep the Dems in charge. No they are not perfect, but they are most certainly better than the alternative.


Sue said...

I see the tide turning, people are waking up to the thought of this country going back to Bush type rule and they won't stand for it!


Annette said...

It is Sue, we have both stated for a long time we didn't think this was going to be as bad as the pundits are saying.. I still believe that to be true.