Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alaskans for Truth

This is another web site I would like you to check out if you feel motivated to do so. It is about finding and keeping the truth out in the open. It is about making sure that the answers people want to find are found. It is about making sure everything is known that needs to be known, not just swept under the rug and forgotten because it might be a little embarrassing for some people. No matter who it brings the light too it needs to bring the light out and let the chips fall where they may.

They have started this site as a blog and are looking for members and readers. You can join there. If you feel motivated you may donate, but you don't have to. All the information is there. If you feel so moved you may write an email to the legislators in Alaska asking them to continue the work that has been started and finish the job of the earlier investigations. There are questions as to how they could be so different in their conclusions. This needs to be resolved.

Walter Monegan is a good man. Even Gov. Palin said that. Several times, in fact. After she became the nominee for VP, she changed her story through her surrogates and her mouth pieces and said he had become insubordinate. That is funny, if he was why did she offer him another position? Why then did she just a couple of weeks before she fire him did she write him a letter of commendation?? Some things just don't add up.

But then as has been reported about Gov. Palin, you are either for her or against her. She will accept nothing else. And if you are against her, you are a hater and you are to be vilified and destroyed some way. But, if you are for her, you are her best friend and she will reward you in some way. Walt Monegon got on her bad side. So, he had to go. But that wasn't enough, she also had to try to find a way to destroy him. But she didn't realize how tough that Marine is. He won't be destroyed.

So take a few minutes, look over the site, maybe even sign up for updates. We need to be aware of what is happening.

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