Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emails from a friend.

Well today I got 2 emails from a friend. She is a Republican. Told me she was a fan of the Gov. awhile back. Thought she was the best person in the race. Her words not She had also told me a few years back how great she thought President Bush was. Of course I expressed my dismay with him. We have been friends, well let me explain this a little.

I say friends, we are on line friends. We have never met face to face. We communicate by email. We have spoken on the phone, we planned to meet a couple of times but it just never worked out for us to get together. She lives in Florida and even when I was there it was still a couple of hours drive and it just never was convenient for me to get to her.

Anyway, we have talked for a long, long time. Well over 10 years, she has known I wasn't happy with, as I called him, her president for all this time. But even though I didn't agree with everything he was still my President too and I respect that. We have discussed it. We discussed my opposition to going to Iraq, she knew I didn't think it was a good idea, I never believed in it, never thought they had WMD's, never believed the story that they were involved in 9-11, never bought the whole story that Pres. Bush and Co. put out. But, what could I do, other than voice my displeasure as I did, often and Even to my own daughter who also is a fan of the current President. But that is another story. So, my friend and I have agreed several times to disagree. Mostly we have gotten along pretty well. We just don't discuss politics.

We have an agreement or had an agreement, that we wouldn't send each other political emails, jokes and the like. Well for the most part things have gone on very well until today, when she sent me two. The 1st was to all who you think or know that voted for Obama. It is a letter about the Tax Revolt of 2012. Granddad's letter to his granddaughter.

Basically it says, that due to the tax increase they believe is coming their way they had to fire the Hispanic maid. They can't buy her (the granddaughter) gifts, give her handouts, all the thousands of dollars in food, housing, cash, clothing, etc, etc and they are just going to be next to living on the street themselves. Just because the granddaughter was one of the youth vote in the election who voted for Obama, she caused this. It is all on her head. So if she needs money for gas, tires, assistance for rent or anything else, call the switchboard at the White House and let President Obama help you out in return for your vote cause Grand is broke due to the tax increase.

So, that was the first email I got. Of course I was a little miffed to say the least. But I didn't email her back yet. I let it go. Just thought about it and went on. Thinking to myself about the economic situation we are in. Thinking about the deficit we are in right now. Thinking about the spending that has gone on over the last 8 years while the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has been there. But still didn't bother to send an answer to her email.

Then I thought about the war in Iraq, how many lives have been lost, the cost of the war, both human and money. The injuries and the soldiers who will suffer for the rest of their lives, the families who will care for them, the families who won't care for the ones that won't come home. I thought about my dad, my uncle and then my other uncle. Who all fought in WWII. Both my uncles were in the Navy, on different ships. Uncle Johnny a cook on an LST, injured, reported missing, awarded the purple heart. Came home with metal fragments still in his body. Died in the VA hospital in Wilmington, DE. Never got a dime of compensation from the VA, because they said he wasn't in a combat zone, had no proof of his injury, due to the fire at St Louis that destroyed all the records. He fought in the war, then fought for 60 years to get what was owed to him and died with it still owed to him. My uncle Fred, stationed in the Pacific on board the Saginaw Bay. He was in Seeadler Harbour when the Mt. Hood blew up. Injured his back, given a bottle of aspirin and told to come back if he needed more. But they didn't have time to write it up, he wasn't bleeding, they were trying to take care of the dying and the ones more injured. Now, he has had 4 back surgeries, has stomach problems from all the aspirin he took, yet because they never documented it he can get nothing. So, again, fought for his country, 1st denial, he wasn't in a combat zone. On board a ship, in the Pacific Ocean, the Saginaw Bay was awarded 5 battle stars for her service, yet he wasn't in a combat zone, they were at Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Leyte Gulf, and the South China Sea. Fight for your country then fight for 60 years to get what they promise you, to take care of you. This was a promise made by Abraham Lincoln.

My dad was in Europe. He finally got his 100% Service Connected Disability. He thought Mom would be taken care of after he was gone. Well, guess what dad, they changed the rules, instead of 5 years it's 10 now. so mom gets nothing. Again, he had to fight for almost 60 years to get his disability. But, he finally got it. How sad that we treat our vets so badly.

Then is when I got mad. At the bottom of this email was her signature. It is on all her emails, but today it just hit me really wrong. After complaining in this email about the so called raising of the taxes that might be done. Because with all that is going on that is not really even being discussed and really everyone grabbed onto that and it was really just letting President Bush's tax cuts expire. Big whoopee...3 whole % It was this that really set my teeth on edge.


How sad and pathetic is that? We are all for being patriotic and waving the flag and being all noble, but don't expect me to pay for it. Well who is supposed to pay for it then?? If not the wealthy or the most affluent, who, the Hispanic cleaning lady they are complaining about firing?? The granddaughter they are griping about helping out?? The student, the cashier at the gas station, at Wal-Mart, at Walgreen's, who???

These men and women who are fighting and the families who send them off without thought or pause, or without us even taking the time to consider what they are sacrificing. Oh sure we give lip service to it, but do we really think about it? Most don't, we take for granted what they give us every day. Just as we do our taxes. We don't think about it, and we won't think about it if they go up or even if they go down. Yes, we might notice it the first time. But, after that we won't even notice, it will become second nature and no one will even care. It is just something to gripe about, something to pick at like a scab on a sore.

The 2nd email soon. I

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