Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some people amaze me.

I know, I shouldn't be amaze by stupidity, but I am. Yes, at my age, I can still be amazed. People who call PE Obama the Messiah. Saying that we who voted for him "all believe that" just amazes me. Just ran across one. He has a blog, with pictures of Sarah Palin plastered everywhere, stories about her everywhere, goes to other blogs and yells at people who dare to post anything about her, insulting them, making rude, hateful mean and viscous statements about them if they in anyway say something he feels is in any way demeaning.

Then you go to his page and he says he is a Christian, he is wonderful, he is a conservative, she is going to be POTUS in '12, "you betcha", and like I said if there is 1 picture there must be 50 pictures, references, web sites, stories, just line after line about her, most of it debunked stories, told from a very biased view, attacking anyone who dares to say anything against or showing her in a negative light. Even if it is true. Like the turkey pardon. He has it spun so far out of whack you don't even know it is the same story. But, he has attacked everyone from Huffington, MSNBC, KTUU, even a blogger in Alaska that tried to defend the Gov partially. All, because he decided no one could tell the story but him. Then when I tried to defend the blogger, I was attacked and called a "goose stepping member of Obama Nation" and a "neo-Bolsheviks". So, here we are.

Like I said, I am amazed. He is in love. In love with the image of a woman. Because that is all she is. He has no clue who she really is, he is in love with the image she presented during the campaign for VP, and he thinks that was the real person. I am not sure what he would do if he ever came down to earth. He and the millions of others. One of these days the bubble is going to burst and they will find out what they really have, their eyes will open and they will finally figure out they are in love with an image, not a real person.

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