Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Ignorance of the Protesters and Their Racism is Showing

Here are two videos that have been going around that are a must see.... In the first one is the ignorance of the Tea Party protesters. They show how stupid they are and one lady even says "drinking the Kool-Aid" while quoting Glenn Beck and Faux Noise. Watch:

Notice most of them say they don't know what is in the bill, they are just quoting what they heard on Faux Noise and from Beck.

Then this video shows the racism that is a large part of the overall Tea Party movement. There are signs calling for assassination of the President, and much more.

Some of the most ignorant photos from the protesters.

These are just 3 of the signs.. There were many more and they were as bad or worse. But it's not about race, and it's not about Obama... Yeah, right.

I can't wait until we start talking about immigration... it will probably be much worse.

Tip of the Hat to Leslie@ Parsley's Pics I got some of this from her... Thanks Leslie.


Sue said...

the teabaggers really should try "smokin' something funny", maybe it would help their brain cells grow.

This guy asking questions is fabulous! The answers from these MORONS are PATHETIC!!! They have no idea what they are saying! OMG!!!!!

Sue said...

oh fer sher, drink your purple koolaid and act like Jim Jones followers, you betcha.....

Patricia said...

Oh, the stupid! It burns! Really, though, do you think that some of their heads will explode soon. That'd be fun.

I can't WAIT until they get to immigration. If healthcare brings out the bigotry it'll really be on display with immigration. I can't wait to see how GOP politicians twist themselves in knots trying to disavow the crazy and appease it at the same time.

Annette said...

I loved that video.. I posted it on FaceBook earlier today... and had to post it here.. It shows just how stupid they really are... not a one of them could point to anything they really didn't like.. Most of them just said Beck told

How funny is that?

I agree, when the immigration reform starts the crazy and the stupid will really be out in full force.

I hate seeing the signs with guns though.. I am so afraid someone will pick it up and do something about it...

Sky Girl said...

I've gotten some of these stupid signs emailed to me at work, by coworkers. Now that's just wrong.

Annette said...

Yes, I get some in my email from a couple of people I am acquaintances with, and they disgust me. I usually tell them to stop sending the stupid things to me or I will stop getting any emails from them at all.