Sunday, March 7, 2010

Must Read for Today, Bob Cesca and John Cole

If you haven't or don't read Bob Cesca's Blog.. you are missing out. I quote him a lot and he is a great source for others.

First this week at Huffington Post he wrote this piece:

The Tea Party is All About Race

If you haven't read it.. you should.. He brings out some very valid points and makes some strong arguments I think everyone needs to see and read.

From the final lines of the piece:

In the final analysis, when you boil away all of the weirdness, it becomes clear that the teabaggers are pissed because there isn't yet another doddering old white guy in the White House -- like they're used to. That's what this is all about.

By way of a postscript, one of the many faceless radio talk show wingnuts, Jim Quinn, this week called President Obama a "Kenyan wuss" who should be "slapped silly." The Kenyan lie and the "slap silly" insult aside, this president is no wuss. You know how I know? He's a black man who ran for president and won despite the growing mob of gun-toting militant white bigots like Jim Quinn who are sucking air in America. President Obama achieving this despite the hatred and threats against him takes serious guts. Guts that Jim Quinn and the tea party movement will never understand.

Then last night, I went there and found this piece he had found from John Cole and highlighted on his blog. It is not only worthy of being read, it should be posted and found everywhere today... John is spot on and has his finger on the problem we are seeing.

So, thank you Bob, and thank you John for pointing this out and for having the bravery to say what needs to be said.

Here is a link to the John Cole column where he writes at Balloon Juice.

And here is a link again to the best blog ever..

Check him out, and check out John's article.. it is worth your time. Also check what Jane Hamsher is saying now...... Some of the commenter's are saying and I feel she is becoming the Liz Cheney of the Left. I hate to say that but she is. First she ties herself to Grover Norquist.... now she is doing this.

What she neglects to point out in her diatribe is that after Lynn Woolsey stated she would pass this bill, she would then come back and push for a Public Option in a separate bill. Because to use Reconciliation or majority vote we have to pass the bill as it is.. Read that... AS IT IS... no changes can be made to the Senate Bill.. The House and the Senate will then make changes after, just as they have done to all large legislation.


Leslie Parsley said...

It's been about nothing but race since Obama won the election - I don't care what social scientists and political pundits say.

Annette said...

You are so right Leslie.. and that's what Bob was pointing out in his piece.. yet he is being vilified for it.

Of course the teabaggers and the Rethugs say it is not about race.. it is just politics as usual.. Yeah right.. and I got some swampland to sell them.