Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jon Stewart Does it Again... and Other Thoughts

Jon Stewart takes on the Arizona laws passed this week in this sketch... It is priceless... This makes more sense than any of the other takes on this I see. The so called "librul media" or "lame stream media" as that woman calls it just can't do what Jon does.

Watch this and then I will have some other thoughts below.

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This week my little town is on fire. We have a new Teen Only Club coming to town... Sounds good right... Give the kids something to do to help keep them out of trouble, yet maintain it with no drugs, alcohol and no one over the age of 20 allowed.

Like I said, sounds good... But the City in their infinite wisdom, gave a permit to someone they didn't know and did not check out. Now with the opening just 3 days away.. we find out the man who is wanting to run this club is a White Supremacist, and a member of KKK. Or, he says former member, he has left the groups years ago.. and his personal beliefs don't or shouldn't enter into it.

I am proud of my 16 year old granddaughter. She says he is just out to recruit kids to his movement and will not go, no matter what. In fact, a lot of the kids in her school are saying the same thing.

This protest yesterday and hearing at the Community Center drew lots of fire and even the Kansas City television stations were here covering it.

Here is one of their videos of the matter: Sorry, they don't allow embeding so you will have to go see the man in question and the anger of local citizens.

According to Southern Poverty Law Center, there is a group of Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists in Oak Grove, which is only 10 miles from here. This man, whose name is Charles Juba, has come from no where, no one in the city says they know him and yet, he is wanting to own a club for teens in our small town.

This makes no sense to me. Why would someone come here?... My thoughts, because the political climate is right, the rise in hate groups has been documented, and they need fresh blood.

Recruitment, plain and simple. We are a small town, only 5,000 people, but we are right on Interstate 70, and as I stated above, there is a group just 10 miles away.

Our kids are vulnerable to this threat and it is something we need to be watching for. How can elected officials just turn over the keys to our youth without checking this guy out.

Even the Chief of Police stated he had no idea who this person was, until after the permit was issued.

This scares me, it scares me for our children, it scares me for the area, and it scares me for the country.

Please, be vigilant, be aware of what is happening, and prepare to take a stand against things like this. That's what our town is doing.. however late it may be.


Sue said...

As usual, nobody does it better than Jon!

The teen group and it's owner, scary shit! Parents gotta be involved in their childrens lives and if they don't then thats where we come in as grandparents! Maybe all the concerned parents could have an assembly meeting at the schools, if nobody over 20 can join the club then you have a small targeted group to get the message out to. If nobody joins, then the guy moves to the next town. Good luck!

K. said...

Gotta say: That guy is creepy looking.

There's no "former white supremacist" about it: He is one who hides behind a bland phrase like "my personal beliefs." Juba should check his history, too: Kansas was at no time part of the Confederacy.

Good on your granddaughter!

morb320 said...

I lost contact with your blog for a little while, had to Google it, and add it to my favorites list. I had been accessing it before through the Immoral Minority blog, but all of a sudden, the link was missing after Gryphen redesigned his blog. I first read about this on the One People's Project site, and I'm glad that your town is on top of this. Kudos to your granddaughter for knowing what Juba is really up to. And conservatives say that liberals are into indoctrinating the young. Yeah, right.


Annette said...

Welcome back Majii... I was thinking of you the other day and started to send an email to check and make sure you were ok.

Yes, I am very proud of her.. She told me tonight the kids at school are all talking about it and no one is going there.... at least none of her friends.. and that is quite a few...

Leslie Parsley said...

Warp the kids early on is their motto. But I'm glad people are protesting.

Matt Osborne said...

You're right to be scared and angry. It's a pretty transparent bid to warp young minds.

Annette said...

Thank You all for your comments and support. I am sorry I haven't answered sooner, but am under the weather with a cold and sinus infection.

I really appreciate everything you have said and will keep you updated as the debate progresses... There is another meeting scheduled for tonight, and now a petition to delay the opening, which is scheduled for Friday night.

Again, thanks Sue, K, Majii, Leslie and Matt..