Saturday, April 10, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Relief for the Middle Class at Tax Time

From the White House blog:

As April 15th approaches, the President discusses several of the tax breaks for middle class families he has signed into law. Find out more about the Making Work Pay tax credit, breaks for first-time homebuyers, rewards for making your home more energy efficient and more through our Tax Savings Tool.

Since the teabaggers have been yelling about higher taxes.. Do you suppose they even noticed their taxes went down? I doubt it... They are so blind in their hate they can't see anything except what they are told to see... and believe what they are told to believe.


Sue said...

We got the 800.00 extra in our return, the IRS calculated it in and it was a huge surprise because we didn't know anything about the credit! We qualified with living on measly unemployment. I guess teabaggers are lucky rich rethugs, they don't need tax credits therefore they don't think anyone else should need them either. Such compassionate people those baggers are!

They are blind in their hate! A good post by Shaw showing us Obamas nuclear expertise. I pasted his qualifications on my sidebar. Will the righties read it and see Palin as the lying moron she is? I doubt it, but we can read and we can smile as they will soon be weeping.

TomCat said...

True middle-class tax cuts are what the GOP call 'botique tax cuts', because everybody doesn't get to share them. They prefer 'across the board' tax cuts where the top 10% get 90% of the benefit.

Annette said...

So very true.. both of you... Like I said they are so blind in their hate they can't see they have gotten the best tax cut for the middle class... and the lower class... These people are morans as they say... Their spelling not

They would never admit they got a cut, if the President stopped their taxes completely they still would not give him credit for anything.

How they can continue to say their taxes are higher now than ever is beyond me... There has been no tax increases, even the Bush tax cuts haven't been reversed as of yet... just plain stupid is what they are... STUPID..

mommapolitico said...

The President has done a great job in helping to shift the burden of taxes back to where it belongs - those who earn the most. There used to be a sense of "noblesse oblige" among the rich in this country, to give back to the community because they were so blessed. We really don't see that anymore. Getting rid of the Shrub's tax cuts was sound fiscal policy. And the tax savings tool is terrific - I am sure it will help many families out this year!

I am constantly baffled at how the teabaggers continue to buy the lies hook, line and sinker. There is an almost dogmatic belief out there in the Fix News propaganda, whether, as you girls have said, it's in their best interest or not. Amazing.