Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on Under 21 Club Opening

The under 21 club I wrote about Tuesday, evidently won't be opening. Not tonight, maybe not ever.

There was such an outcry about this from the parents and even the teens here in town, Charles Juba, has decided to throw in the towel.

According to The Pitch, a local newspaper in Kansas City Juba has closed his website and posted the club will not be opening.

Here is what they say:

Update (1:36 p.m. April 30): Charles Juba has thrown in the towel. There will be no Black Flag Club.

This statement is posted on the club's Web site: "At this time the ownership announces that The Black Flag Club will not be open for business. We thank you for your support."

The article also goes on to say, even though he denied his continued ties to the Neo-Nazi and KKK groups, as late as 6 months ago, his ex-wife stated she feared for her children, and he asked for his robes and Nazi pillow cases to be returned to him.

Juba claims he's a different man than the one the Southern Poverty Law Center put on it's "40 to Watch" list in 2003. But divorce records show that just five months ago, his ex-wife feared Juba would take their children to white power rallies, and Juba requested his Nazi flag pillowcases and Ku Klux Klan robes be returned.

The SPLC also claims Juba founded a National Socialist Movement chapter in Oak Grove in December 2009.

The fact the club will not be opening is also reported by KMBC, the ABC affiliate in Kansas City. From their site:

The controversial under-21 Black Flag Club that had been slated to open in Odessa will not be open for business Friday night.

Charles Juba will not open the Black Flag Club in Odessa after all. According to Mayor Tom Murry, Juba called city hall Friday morning and asked for the utilities to be shut off and for his deposits back.

The business license had been put on hold due to the failure of Juba to include his Missouri State Sales Tax ID number, and it did not pass the Fire Codes. From the pictures I have seen it was not even ready to open, there were still lots of construction materials and other items sitting around.

At the last meeting Thursday evening, a friend of Juba's tried to defend him and her statement is very telling, I thought. She stated,"He left the groups behind, however he is still friends and associates with the other members." So much for leaving them behind. Sounds to me like he is still involved just not as openly as before.

Thanks all for your support on this... Again, I ask you to be vigilant in your area for this same type of thing. It can and does happen more often than we realize. Thanks to some observant parents here in Odessa, this was brought to the attention of the town before it was too late.


Sue said...

well thats great news! Sounds to me the guy was in recruiting mode, and we all know how the young kids can be so impressionable.

Leslie Parsley said...

Thank the Lord and spare the ammunition. Folks here in TN would probably welcome him with open arms.

Annette said...

Thanks Sue and Leslie. Yes, I think we dodged a big bullet on this one.

Even after they found out about this man there was nothing legally the city could do to stop him. He would have been allowed to open his business as usual. Since he has now withdrawn it solves the problem created by no one checking a stranger who wanted to create a place for kids.

I think he was surprised at the amount of resistance he found in town. He really thought he was going to just walk in and take over.

He is a very scary man and as I said, we got lucky this time.

K. said...

Nazi pillow cases? Evey night, he lays him down to sleep on the soft, satin embrace of a swastika. I've got a feeling this guy would have been viewed as fanatic in 1934 Munich.

Annette said...

I think you are right K.. I was really amazed when I read that... but then you just can't figure people out... Remember the kid who was named Hitler in