Saturday, May 8, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Health Reform Starts to Kick In

From The White House Blog:

The President goes through the benefits in health insurance reform that are already kicking in for young adults, retirees, and families, and says more benefits are coming down the pike.

Once again the President is outlining the benefits of this new law. This is one of the best things we can do. Tell people how the new law is going to help them. He is knocking down the meme of increased taxes for small businesses which is what the GOPers have been saying.

We are making progress, but still must push the benefits. It is sad people can't see what is good about this, but it is mostly because the GOPers have had the open mikes of all the talking heads to push their lies... Now is the time to start pushing the truth as much or more.

People will start seeing these new benefits in their lives and we need to help the President and Democrats in this endeavor. Remind everyone of the best parts of this and the things that are starting now. In this way maybe we can help keep the Democratic majority we now have.

Thanks everyone.


TomCat said...

What? You mean that it won't kill Grandma? ;-)

We still need to move to single-payer, but this is a start.

Tom Harper said...

It's too bad the "media" won't publicize these benefits more. All we keep hearing is how expensive it is, our grandchildren will be paying for this (but at least they'll be covered) and "keep the government out of my health care!"

I'm glad the president spoke about these benefits. This needs to get out.

Annette said...

Thanks TC... Yes it is a start.. and it is better than we had. I would love to see Medicare for all.. maybe next time.

Annette said...

Yes, Tom, you are correct.. the GOPers are always ready to get to the mikes and tv cameras... and no one seems to be able to call them out on their lies...

All we can do is repeat it over and over and when people start seeing it, they will believe..

mommapolitico said...

You're dead-on, Girlfriend. We gotta keep reminding people of the good in this Act and get it out there! I just got a letter from my work, saying that our HMO was being dropped from our insurance coverage. I could choose another HMO that costs more in out-of-pocket costs (higher co-pays for everything)or a PPO, which is way beyond our means. I thought to myself, "I cannot wait until the insurance pools are out there and we can shop for something better." I also wondered if this is a last-minute rate hike situation before the Act is in you think that might be it?

Anyhow, I should be (and I am, actually) thankful that I am one of the lucky ones that has insurance. It just seems like it keeps getting tougher for working families to get by when things like this happen. But the economy is improving, people who had given up on finding work are beginning to look again, and HCR has been passed and is beginning to fall in place.

And we have a thinking, well-spoken statesman for a President again! Things are looking up. Nice post, Annette, and thanks for reminding us all to get the word out.

Annette said...

Thanks MP.. I saw your tweet about your insurance and wondered what you were going to do. You may have something as to what is going on.

Maybe send a letter to the AG to investigate or even a letter to Kathleen Sebialus... I know that isn't spelled correctly..but you know who I

The President did say they were going to be watching for firms trying to raise the rates at the last minute... So...

Thanks for your kind words.. Yes, things are starting to look up.. no matter what the GOPers try to tell people... Hopefully some of the doubters are seeing light at the end of that tunnel and will swing around again this year in the elections so we can keep the momentum going.

TomCat said...

If companies decide to pay the fine rather than provide health care, it will increase the pressure to expand to Medicare for All.

Annette said...

I agree TC... at least we have taken a first step.. and you have to give Pres. Obama lots of credit for this.. he managed to get it done when presidents for 100 years have failed.

mommapolitico said...

Thanks for the advice, Annette, I will do that. Bastards!

By the way, I was wondering if you'd like to do a guest post on MP. Any topic you'd like - you and I are pretty like-minded, and even when we disagree, we have a pretty good debate! ;) I enjoy your work, and thought it might give some of my readers a chance to see your writing. Think about it and let me know, will you?

Again, thanks for the hot tip. I'll be writing the AG soon - keep ya posted, Girlfriend!