Saturday, May 29, 2010

The President's Weekly Address: Honoring the Fallen

From the White House blog:

Ahead of Memorial Day, the President asks all Americans to join him in remembering and honoring our men and women in uniform who have died in service to the country.

No matter how you feel about war, please take the time to honor the fallen warriors.


Sue said...

Absolutely Annette! Another great address by our dear president.
Have a great weekend!

Annette said...

Thanks Sue.. I hope you and yours have a great weekend and can enjoy some quiet time for

K. said...

Just think of how much better he'd be if he wasn't a communist who hated America.

The last line was a real heartbreaker...

Annette said...

I know K... a Marxist Kenyan Communist at

mommapolitico said...

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and yours, Annette. Thanks for bringing us POTUS' Memorial Day remarks. We have friends and family in Afghanistan, and we pray that we won't be celebrating their fall in battle next year at this time. It breaks my heart that kids don't realize why we are taking a day off, so I've started a one-woman campaign by getting on the loudspeaker and explaining to the students the meaning of the day each time we celebrate a national holiday. The Prez did a great job - I'm with K., that last line was heartwrenching. Thanks for the update of the weekly address, Hope you and yours enjoy the day.

Annette said...

Thanks MP.. I am so glad you are educating the young... It is very important for them to understand and know the reasons behind these days.

Yes, to think of the ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice... I took Mom to the cemetery yesterday and we wandered around and looked at the ones from VietNam. So many from my little area.... I remember going to the funerals and even then crying my heart out at the loss.

I knew them all... and it was gut wrenching for me.

We haven't lost anyone locally from this area in the wars now... we have been spared. I just pray it continues this way... and I feel so much sorrow for the ones who are memorializing their young ones now.

I am afraid we are going to be seeing many more in the next few months as the fight for Kandahar starts and hopefully is won.