Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, Please Remember the Fallen Heroes

Today is the day we honor the fallen heroes of our wars. It has been morphed into honoring all dead, but the historical accuracy is that it is to honor the members of the military that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

I have to say, I don't like war, however, this isn't about war, it is about the men and women who have chosen to fight. Some voluntarily, some drafted. All heroes.

Here is a video I received from Military for Obama. It is of a 3rd grade class and it is beautiful.

Here is the statement which accompanied the email I got.

A third grade teacher, from Tussing Elementary in Colonial Heights,
Virginia, wrote this song and taught it to her third-grade students and now
it is on you tube! At the end of the song you can even order the sheet
music! I hope this sweeps our Country and gets sung in all our schools!

Here is the video.

I hope you take a moment and remember the sacrifice of these heroes. If you are going to a cemetery to lay flowers on someone's grave.. take an extra to put on a military grave site. Even if you don't know them.. HONOR THEM.


TomCat said...

Especially today, I am reminded to separate the wars from the warriors.

Annette said...

Yes, that's what is so hard for some people to do. But, today of all days... we must.

Leslie Parsley said...

Oh my, what a moving video. A few tears along the way. I always hoped my fellow Vietnam Protestors would separate the soldier from the war but most of them seemed unable to appreciate the difference. Thanks for posting.

Annette said...

Thanks Leslie.. I too was moved to tears.. it just seemed so appropriate for today and it meant so much that it was young children and they are learning the true meaning of the day.

msouders37 said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting our video. It was my dream when I wrote "Thank You Soldiers" that it would truly touch the hearts of our heroes. You have helped us do that!