Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Weekend Trip and a Trip Around the Internets

My trip this weekend was for my uncle. He is 84 and is a veteran of World War II. He served proudly in the United States Navy, aboard what he calls a baby flat top.

He was on the USS Prairie first, then he was on the USS Saginaw Bay. During his time on the Saginaw Bay, he had such a wonderful fun filled time. You can check out the fun time he had by clicking the link if you would like. As an 18 year old boy, fresh from his upbringing in middle America, (Indiana, West Virgina, Kentucky and Tennessee) this was eyeopening.

He left school after the 8th grade to join a thrill show. He was a dare devil driver. He drove a car while another guy rode the fender through a burning wall.. of course it was green wood, so the sparks would fly and it looked pretty, but normally there wasn't much danger. Once someone used the wrong lumber and it didn't splinter like it should and it knocked the riders teeth out. The owners name was Crash Davis and the show was just Crash Davis and the Hell Drivers.

But, back to my story of the war...on the Saginaw Bay he was all over the Pacific Ocean, he was at Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Leyte Gulf, Mariana and Palau Islands campaign and the Philippines campaign.

I tell you this, only to say.. it is my honor and my pleasure to give back to him, just a small part of my time.. any time and every time he needs me or asks me for anything. He gave us all so much, as did my dad in WWII and as did all of our veterans.

We may not all agree on the wars and on the efforts of our fighting men and women, but when asked they served, and they sacrificed, it is the least we can do to give back to them in some small way.

My aunt is buried here in the Chicago suburbs, which is where they settled after the war, he too will be buried here when it is his time. That's why he wanted to come up here, to visit her grave on her birthday and make sure everything was still ready for his arrival sometime in the future, whenever that may be.

Now, change the subject...

I have found some new blogs and some old ones that are well worth visiting or re-visiting.

Some of the new ones..or maybe I should say least new to me and maybe to This one is called All the good names were taken.. and it is great. She writes about a variety of things, including politics and just life in general. Yesterday, her post was about, Garbage in her inbox..and it summed up what I feel some days... I think most of us can relate in one way or another.. let me quote a bit of what she said:

I do know, however, that it is truly bizarre that I am getting these e-mails from (and there's no polite way to put this) dumbfuck cousins who don't see just how incredibly stupid it is for them to fear a theoretical government-run health plan when the family tree is full of relatives who have struggled with medical bills for many years. My idiot cousin Wayne, for example, got to watch his sister totally stress out over her inability to pay her bills while she was dying of breast cancer. On what planet is it more acceptable for a dying woman to have to beg friends to put on spaghetti feeds and hold bake sales to raise money to pay her bills than it would be for her to have access to a system that would eliminate the bills to begin with? And this was a woman who had a decent job (school teacher) and the health insurance that came with it. So much for the private sector always doing a better job than the government.

One of the other people who sent me the anti-government health plan propaganda is a woman who's also dealing with cancer -- and she's past 70 now so her bills are all being paid by Medicare.

As I said, we all have relatives and friends like this, the RWNJ's who send us the emails about Government take over of Health Care and such...while they get Yeah, I know... Like my daughter, avid Fox listener, believes everything they say and it doesn't seem to matter how far out it is.. She told my uncle the other day that he was going to start being charged for his health care at the VA.. yeah.. remember..that was discussed back in what March..well that has resurfaced..

Now you see the tie in with my What a lot of people don't realize is that VA does charge the veterans for their medicine copays. So, when the president asked about the VA charging the insurance companies for their health care.. it was a reasonable request..they do charge Medicare already.. Bet a lot of people didn't know that either. My uncle gets a bill from VA for anywhere from $16.00 to $64.00 a month from the Veterans Administration for his Prescriptions every month.. always has..and will until and unless he gets 30% disability service connected.

Ok, back to the blogs..

The next "New" one in my list is Helloooo Mr President, and again she speaks her An example:

For those conservatives who will say "oh yea right, like we can believe", this same question was asked in a poll by NBC news and the Wall Street Journal,
If you have something smart to say about them then tough shit!

Mr. President I sure hope you are on board with this, Your job is on the line, the people are speaking loud and clear!
The progressives are banding together, Pelosi is bargaining, and I know this bill will happen, it will have a public option!

Republicans are supporting the insurance companies, not Americans. Their scare tactics will not work this time. Election after election we have listened to their fearmongering, we have looked at their ugly faces on commercial after commercial, NOT THIS TIME! Your death panels aren't believeable, we aren't listening to you when you say money will fund abortions, we aren't listening to you when you say illegals will have free coverage! We aren't afraid of you when you come to townhalls with your precious guns strapped to your legs. We don't read your stupid signs, ya know the ones that say NO PUBIC OPTION! Yes that was how the sign was printed, not my spelling mistake! LMAO!!! These wingnuts are stupid and we will never back down and let the likes of Palin and co. get the upper hand. Not as long as we have Barack Obama in the White House!!! Go get 'em Mr. President!!!

This is a newer blog.. and I think she has a bright future ahead of her.

Now, another one that I found, well actually was referred to me by one of my older blogs I read..TheMom.. You should check her out too.. she is pretty good.. Well her son has a new blog, check him out.. it is funny and pretty good.

He calls it Past the Velvet Rope and it includes Guest Lists ... it is funny and wonderful. I love his insight..and he is looking at it from the outside.. He is in Egypt. They are just getting started and only have a few posted so far..but with all the nonsense out there.. they have plenty of stupid to choose from.

Of course they are all in my blog roll off to the left.

One of my oldies but goodies is Talking to Tango.. if you really want the truth about Canadian Health Care.. that's a great place to check out.. He told his story a few posts back.. Tango's Daddy is a great man and a wonderful writer.. He has been blogging our story and our situation here for a long time.. Worth the time to read and read again..

One of the best new finds is Frank Schaeffer, I am sure most of you remember him from Rachel Maddow's show... He wrote the book Crazy for God and has exposed the so called Religious Right as the hypocrites they are..

Well, I hope that gives you some food for thought.. some things to look at and an idea as to what I have been up to this weekend.

As I said, it is my honor to help my uncle, just as it was to help my dad. WWII was a different time and I guess a different war than what we are in now, I don't know.. I still feel that we have to help and serve our veterans no matter what.. They and their families sacrifice and give what others can't and don't. We may not always agree with it, and we may not think it is correct, but we can still give to them after they serve.

I don't think anything that is done for or given to the Veterans is a waste or too great of an expense..that's just my opinion. When I see what they have given up and given to us.. what they have to go through to get what little they can get, for all they have done.. it is worth it.

My uncle still fights the war, at night in his sleep, in the day in his mind sometimes. Yet he can get nothing from the VA, we are still fighting them for compensation. I think 60 plus years is long enough to fight for what you were promised.


Mauigirl said...

Great post about your uncle, and I agree, nothing is too good for those who sacrificed so much!

Thanks for the blog links, will check out the ones I'm not familiar with. Just learned about Past the Velvet Rope myself over at TheMom's place and added it to my blogroll too.

nonnie9999 said...

you're a good niece, annette.

you're right, veterans deserve the best health care, and they should not have to pay for it. however, there are many people who serve in different ways, and they deserve free health care as well. is the teacher or the fireman any less deserving than the soldier? how about the nurses or even the lady down the street who helps to feed the poor or watches to make sure the kids get home from school safely?

how ironic that the people who are assured free health care are politicians and prisoners.

D.K. Raed said...

Your uncle sounds like a great man and you are wonderful niece learning about/from him. My uncles & dad served in WW2. My dad was so young, he lied about his age to get in. By the time they discovered it, he was legal. He was Navy, mainly in the Philappines and China. It's like pulling teeth to get him to talk about it so I don't really know the true nightmare.

He uses the V.A. for Rx's because he qualified for FREE meds from them. Since he's on so many meds, it has been a real life-saver. When Bush was promoting Medicare Part D for Rx's, he said they were really pushing him to sign up. What for, he said, how can you beat FREE? He said they tried to make him feel guilty. WTF? Most of his meds are for nervous-related probs and you can't tell me that's not related to the carnage he experienced at age 17.

As far as those rabid ringwing relatives with their hate-spewing emails ... yeah I've got those, too (maybe we're related!).