Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sarah Palin is a Myth

I found this very interesting video at The Immoral Minority, and just had to swipe it. I really hope it goes viral because I think it really explains the essence of Sarah Palin.

I have always said, and will always say she is a manufactured person. This backs up my theory. She is what she needs to be in order to win. Just as George Bush was. George Bush became a "Texan" so he could win the Governorship and then he became President, and used the Crawford ranch as his base.

Sarah uses her "hockey mom" status the same way.. however it is an act. The people from Alaska who know her and will tell the truth say she isn't a hockey mom, she isn't even really a good mom. Her parents do more for the kids, because she is too busy furthering her career. The kids have been just another prop.

But, watch this, made in October 2008 and see these two gentlemen putting truth to the falsehood that is Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

Excellent clip. Mr. Talbot explains himself plainly, with the calm authority of someone who has researched his subject.

nonnie9999 said...

thanks for that clip, annette. i thought princess was a phony from the beginning. however, i was never able to articulate it quite as politely as this gentleman did.

themom said...

There were some key words and phrases that really hit home. The one from the minister when he stated "she has an inate political sense, wouldn't you agree?" WTF was that. Everything that comes/came out of her mouth was scripted. We know she knows nothing about world georgraphy - let alone world matters. I have a feeling that SP will go the way of the wind. Any speaking angagements she will get will be low key and insignificant. Fading away into oblivion will not be soon enough for me.