Saturday, August 8, 2009

President's Weekly Address August 8, 2009

The President talks about the economy, Health Care Reform, rumors, Town Halls and all the nastiness out there.

He takes on everything head on and really pushes back at everything and everyone out there.

It is all about whether you want to trust some nameless, faceless insurance bureaucrat or the president? I think I will take the president. Also, it is about do you trust the republicans, who have lied us into a war, tortured us into Guantanamo, left us with the near collapse of the economy that we are struggling hard to get out of.

Or with the leadership of this president and the policies he is pushing that we are just now starting to see the fruits of his labors, no one said it would happen overnight, yet we live in such a fast food society we all get impatient and think it should happen instantly. Now, are we going to hear from the media that he was right?

Watch, and think about it.

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