Saturday, November 28, 2009

Frank Schaeffer Calls out the Right and the Left

I think it is time we all, and I do mean ALL of us paid a little attention to what he is saying. After the breach at the White House the other night.. it is getting very serious out there.

People are calling for outright WAR against this President... and we have people on the Left side of politics criticizing him almost as much as ones on the right, if not more. Because they don't think he is moving fast enough, or he isn't doing what they want as they think he should.

There is a billboard up not far from my house calling for an armed revolution against the "Government". It has the quote on it... "Live Free or Die". If I can get a picture I will... but it is hard when it is on Interstate 70 in a pretty high traffic area.

This segment of Rachel is a few days old... but Frank makes some very valid points and if you haven't seen it... you need to watch it.. if you have.. maybe you need to watch it again.. and really LISTEN to what he says.

I may not agree with everything the President says or does.. but to rail against him publicly is to align yourself with the RWNJ's. Is that what you want? Because that's what I think when I read your postings and stuff... Just think about it with an open mind and see what you think. No I am not saying you have to be all love and roses all the time... but temper your thoughts a little. Don't be so negative and critical.


morb320 said...

Thanks for the post and the video, Annette. As I see it, many on the left want instant miracles and don't have the patience to continue working for what they want to happen, so they turn against the president 10 months into his first term, driving down his poll numbers for personal reasons and providing more fodder for the media and the republicans/conservatives to use against him. I don't understand the mentality that thinks that the president is a dictator who can "MAKE" Congress or dem politicians do what he wants him to do. This just feeds into the republican/conservative meme that Obama is incompetent and weak. Once the left helps to destroy his presidency and, God forbid, someone like Palin or Huckabee becomes the next POTUS, they'll have no one else to blame except themselves. I've seen it all before, most recently during Carter's presidency. I choose to make my voice known but not to give the opposition ammunition with which to destroy our president. I think a lot of the opposition from the left is based on impatience, unrealistic expectations, failure to recognize that being POTUS is vastly different than being a presidential candidate, not acknowledging the role of Congress in passing progressive legislative issues, the role of republican obstructionism in Congress, and a lack of knowledge of how difficult the job of president is.
Because I have 37 years of membership in the Democratic Party, my assessment of President Obama's job as president to date is that he has accomplished quite a bit in 10 months' time. I will continue to support President Obama, through the good and bad because I sincerely believe that, in spite of all the obstacles he has to overcome, he intends to keep as many of his campaign promises as he possibly can.

Sue said...

Annette I find myself getting negative especially when it come to Afghanistan. But I am a realist and DO NOT expect miracles from our president. Yes dear I will try hard to be positive and supportive. You know who I am and I still BELIEVE!!

TomCat said...

I shall remain on his side, but not in his pocket. Holding his feet to the fire, where his campaign promises are concerned, is an act of support, not betrayal.

Sue said...

I love the comment from morb, my thoughts exactly, but I also love Toms comment. We do need to support President Obama while trusting him to keep his promises!

K. said...

Nauseating, to say the least.

I support the president and approve of the job he is doing, although that may change somewhat on Tuesday night. I do wish that the stimulus had been more aggressive.

mommapolitico said...

Good post, and I am so glad you addressed it, as it's been a little busy of late and I have been remiss, I'm afraid, in my postings...The security breach really brings home the real and present danger The President faces when it comes to his safety. There were several events during the campaign in which searches were not completed on all those allowed in, in addition to those in which the crowd came locked and loaded. I agree that we need to be supportive of The President, and come down hard on the Congress right now to make things happen. The real threat, I fear, is the Limbaughs and the Becks and the Bachmanns of this world, inciting violence with their every breath. That is what terrifies me.

I'm posting tonight about a really scary conversation that occurred last week in which a colleague made an appalling remark along these lines. I was appalled, but know that she is a typical right winger. Very scary.

Thanks for posting about this important topic, Annette. I really appreciate you getting the word out. Great post, Girl, as always - keep the faith!

Leslie Parsley said...

Annette. Good post. Interestingly, I put one up yesterday about fickle Democrats.

If it's okay with you, I'd like to put this up, linking back to you, of course.

Leslie Parsley said...

I think I'm going to hold off. Wish I'd seen it sooner but may have used for it a bit later.

I do like your blog - and your thinking.