Friday, November 27, 2009

On This Thanksgiving: Family, Turkey ... and a Weekly Address

From the White House web site: Happy Thanksgiving!

Given the holiday, we are releasing the President's weekly address today. In this video, President Obama calls to our attention the men and women in uniform who are away from home sacrificing time with family to protect our safety and freedom. He also talks about the progress of health care reform, the Recovery Act, and job creation to ensure that next Thanksgiving will be a brighter day.

Things are still a little hectic around my household, but I still have much to be Thankful for. I hope we all take a moment and say Thank You, to our Military, to our President and to the members of Congress who are brave enough to stand tall for us and do what needs to be done to move this country forward.

There is much, much more to be Thankful for, family, friends and the love they give us every day. The comfort and the thoughts that are sent your way when you need them most.

So, I just want you to know.... I am Thankful for ALL OF YOU...

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