Saturday, November 7, 2009

President's Weekly Address: Tragedy at Fort Hood

From the White House web site:

The President condemns the "despicable" attacks at Fort Hood, honoring those who were killed and injured. He also commends those who stood up to help and console those affected: "even as we saw the worst of human nature on full display, we also saw the best of America."

This was a terrible tragedy, yet as the President said we did see the worst and the best of our people as it seems we always do. Even as one person was trying to take so many lives there were others who were working to stop him and help the wounded in any way they could. That's the America I know and love, color, race, sex, nor any differences means nothing, we are all American's and we all are in need and we work together to help each other... That's what the Republican's seem to forget.

Here is the President.

Sorry I am late posting this, Mom had surgery on her shoulder yesterday and she is in a lot of pain.. it's been hard on all of us dealing with it and her.. She is very resistant to calling the doctor and getting any other help.. but I think that is the next step. Prayers and thoughts would be most welcome.


TomCat said...

Thanks Annette. I hope your mom feels better.

I also hope we can get beyond vilifying the shooter because he is a Muslim and dig into the roots of his motivation.

Tao Dao Man said...

The fog of war does not begin or end on the battle field.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

It would be nice if all of us could despise this creep because he's a creep and not because he's a Muslim. But the backward thinking will blame Islam because a nut chose a perverse view.

Annette said...

Thank you Tom, I agree, I think we need to remember this was a soldier first, confused and angry and acting on that confusion and anger and leave his religion out of it all together. Of course our idiot media will play it to the hilt.. I have already heard several references to it.

RZ you are 150% correct, we live in the age where we must stand ready all the time.

Truth, again I agree, we must remember him for who he is not for his religion. I don't believe his religion had anything to do with it.. I don't believe the story his family is putting out that he has been harassed because of his religion, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE in the military is going to harass an officer. That is just not going to happen.

mommapolitico said...

Hope Mom does better - you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers, as always.

You're right - Americans always come together in times of tragedy. We are all one in times of trouble. It's a shame that we cannot, as a people, sustain that in our national vision and translate it into ways that we can help our country (such as providing health care for everyone without amendments designed to hurt the poorest women among us).
But the actions of troops and civilians alike in the midst of and the aftermath of this shooting demonstrate what is good and right. 'Twas your turn to get me teary-eyed, Annette! Great post, Sistah.

Annette said...

Thanks MP for the prayers and thoughts.. I appreciate it.. it has been a rough 3 days I am telling you. Hard to see anyone suffer and when it is a parent or child, it is even worse I think.

Yes, it is a shame that we can't continue the same feelings of togetherness and camaraderie without a tragedy to bring us together. Even though we have the best interests of all people at heart, Dems I mean.. we are painted as hurting our country, by the Rethugs and the media.. They just can't help us help everyone.. it is a terrible shame.

Tao Dao Man said...


This might be a good read for all concerned. This willrelate to your last comment.