Friday, November 27, 2009

Pardoning of the Turkey

I missed this when it happened.. since I was at the hospital and just got to watch it now.. I love our President's sense of humor... he is funny, wise and laughs at his own jokes and loves to tease his girls.

If you missed this, here is the official pardoning of the "Bird" for Thanksgiving this year and now it is off to Disneyland to live


Distributorcap said...

obama should have pardoned the mashed potatoes i ate last nite - who cant make good mashed potatoes - apparently the person who brought them to the dinner

but we all said we loved them, because after several cabernets, margaritas, coronas or whatever, even lousy mashed potatoes might taste good

a joyous and happy season to you - i know you recent times have been a challenge and may the future be better

TomCat said...

I oppose pardoning the turkeys. Bush and Cheney belong..... huh? Not those turkeys?

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

God's creatures and all. But turkeys look far better cooked.

One Fly said...

Good stuff-he's the kind of guy I'd like to have a beer with.