Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Thoughts about Right Wing Nuts and the Losers of the GOP

The GOP is wondering why they are losing member's, they are wondering why they are losing election's, they are trying to figure out what to do in order to change direction of their party.

During the campaign this year there were several instances of this we saw. High ups in the GOP saying something totally off the wall about Barack Obama being African American. Did they think no one knew that? Was that the problem? Then there was the scare tactics. He is going to do something awful, he is a Muslim, he isn't like the rest of us, he isn't a citizen, he wasn't born in the USA, oh the list could go on and on. It is still happening.

There are still lawsuits trying to prove he isn't a citizen, that he wasn't born in the USA, that he doesn't have a birth certificate. I even had someone in my family tell me that on Christmas Day. I couldn't believe it. Not sure why, but it just blew my mind. I told him what I could, and he said oh ok but I am sure I didn't convince him of anything. I also told him I was going to call him a right wing nut and he didn't like that.

Even now, they are still working to try to do something, I am not real sure what they hope to accomplish, stop him from taking office or something, do the election over. What, put in Sarah Palin? God forbid. We would really be in trouble then. Even if somehow they could do something unprecedented, like getting him disqualified, Joe Biden would take over, for the short amount of time it would take to get this stopped and then it would just continue with PE Obama's policies going forward, so what did they really accomplish??

Furthermore, WHY?? Why are they doing this? What benefit are they getting from trying to prove something that they can't prove? Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Philip J. Berg, Leo Donofrio, and Andy Martin have all tried in differing ways to denounce, deny and basically destroy PE Obama. From lies in the media to filing lawsuits saying he is not a natural born citizen, to even trying to get his birth certificate in Hawaii, they have been almost relentless.

As, I asked, why?? Because he is different, because he is a Democrat. Because he is not one of them. Because as he said he doesn't look like all the other presidents we have had. He doesn't fit the stereotype. Because they are afraid, because he might succeed, because he might turn our country in a different direction. Because we are sure not headed in the right direction now.

So, we are just a few days away now from the election being certified. The electoral college will go in front of the senate, the votes will be cast, the inauguration will be held on the 20th of January and that will be the beginning of a new presidency. So, then what next for all the right wing nuts. Will they stop??

No, I don't think so. From what I have been seeing and hearing, they are just shifting focus. Some of them still have lawsuits pending. The ones who don't are now just moving their focus to the stimulus package PE Obama and VPE Biden are trying to put together. They are trying to re-write history again. Saying that FDR was a failure, he didn't bring us out of the Depression. So, therefore nothing that PEBO would do along those same lines will help now. It is too big, we can't spend that much money, the deficit is already too big.

But you know, I have to wonder where all these budget watchers were the last 8 years. No one seemed to mind when Bush and the Republicans were running up the deficit. They spent like drunken sailors and it sure didn't seem like Hannity and Limbaugh minded then.

Of course, that was when Bush was cutting their taxes at the same time, to help them out and make sure they could afford to put more money in the bank. Now, it's time to help us little people out, the middle class, the lower class, so the outrage is there.

Well, guess what guys. Go back to your corners. We will let you know when we want to hear from you again. Because right now, we don't. So, sit down, shut up and let the smart people talk a while.


Ted said...


Since the Supreme Court has now prevented itself from acknowledging the question of whether Barack H. Obama is or is not an Article II “natural born citizen” based on the Kenyan/British citizenship of Barack Obama’s father at the time of his birth (irrespective of whether Barack Obama is deemed a “citizen” born in Hawaii or otherwise) as a prerequisite to qualifying to serve as President of the United States under the Constitution -- the Court having done so at least three times and counting, first before the Nov 4 general election and twice before the Dec 15 vote of the College of Electors -- it would seem appropriate, if not necessary, for all Executive Branch departments and agencies to secure advance formal advice from the United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel as to how to respond to expected inquiries from federal employees who are pledged to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” as to whether they are governed by laws, regulations, orders and directives issued under Mr. Obama during such periods that said employees, by the weight of existing legal authority and prior to a decision by the Supreme Court, believe in good faith that Mr. Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen”.

Moreover, each and every member of Congress should be notified that he or she is personally liable (can be sued) for his or her own failure, or the same in conspiracy with other members, to perform what is a ministerial and constitutional duty, that is, to require and/or insist that Presidential electoral votes only be counted for candidates who are “natural born citizens” under Article II of the United States Constitution, the failure of which creates a cause of action for deprivation of claimants’ constitutional rights (as allowed under the Bivens case) against employees of the Federal Government, in this case, to a lawful President and Commander in Chief, and therefore, for deprivation of adequate continuation of the United States as a Constitutional Republic. The constitutionally tortious conduct is not subject to congressional immunity and would be the jettison of Article II of the Constitution by failure to stop and/or object to the counting of electoral votes for Barack H. Obama who has admitted that at the time of his birth his father was a Kenyan/British citizen and not a citizen of the United States of America.

Finally, if 1/20/09 comes and goes with a usurper in the Whitehouse (that is, Obama is definitely NOT an Article II “natural born citizen” -- dad Kenyan/British citizen at BHO’s birth -- albeit he MAY be a 14th Amendment “citizen”) with usurper enablers in Congress and the Supreme Court … God help us because many of the people will -- rightfully and under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence -- endeavor through other means to take back the Government from what is nothing less than a non-constitutional coup d’etat. (SCOTUS now does have the power to forestall that grim yet inevitable scenario, otherwise the blood and possible loss of our Constitutional Republic is SQUARELY ON THEIR HEADS.)

Annette said...

It is completely wingnutterly crazy that anyone could still believe that there is any way he is not elegible to be president. For one thing, he would never have gotten a security clearance as a senator on the foreign relations commitee, nor would he now be getting the same exact breifings that Pres. Bush is getting. They just don't give those to everyone you know. Think about it for just a minute, get a real grip on reality, there is no conspiracy here, his birth certificate is real, he was born in Hawaii, his father's citizenship was transferred to Kenyan and was never a dual citizenship. Neither was his.