Sunday, December 28, 2008

President Bush's Legacy.. Good or Bad??

Interesting video of Pres. Bush commenting on criticism from a person in a town hall meeting. Yet, even then it is still as it is now a joke it appears to Pres. Bush that people are not happy with him and are critical of his practices and his policy.

On his last trip to Iraq when he was faced with the insult of the shoe thrower, he took it as a joke, laughed at the reporter and tried to make the entire thing a farce. To Muntazer al-Zaidi it was not a joke. He was serious, he felt he had been wronged and wanted to show his contempt and his rage at Pres. Bush in the best way he could, with the lowest insult in the Arabic world. By showing him the lowest part of the body, the sole of the shoe, he was doing what he could. So many people have said, he didn't hit him. Well, I don't think he ever intended to hit him.

Pres. Bush has always been this way, he has had a cavalier attitude. He never seems to take things seriously, always laughs things off, never seems to let things or people bother him. I have always thought that. Even at what has been called one of our country's darkest hours he showed little or no emotion.

He is still doing the same thing. Now, he is trying to change how we see his entire presidency. Change how we see him. He says he doesn't care about the polls and how they reflect what people think of him but I think he does. I think that's why he has been doing all the interviews trying to get people to see he is still the same as he was when he came to Washington. But, is he??

Maybe, he is the same, but is Washington the same as it was? I know things are certainly looked at differently. We don't enjoy the same freedoms we had 8 years ago, not all of it due to Pres. Bush, some of it just because of changing times. But, some of the changes are due to Pres. Bush, warrantless wiretaps, habeas corpus has been circumvented, and “enhanced” interrogation techniques, just to name a few.

Yet the Bush Presidency is almost over. What will remain after he is gone? Will anyone really miss him? According to a poll on CNN, 23% will miss him, 71% will not. That's not saying much. That's even less than his last favorable rating. At his highest, his rating was only 67%. Pres. Bush will be remembered for a long while as one of the worse presidents we have ever had. Some say in time his legacy will get better. I am not sure. There is a lot of bad to forget, not a lot of good to remember.

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