Friday, December 5, 2008

Saving the Big 3 is our Patriotic Duty

During World War II, Ford factories were converted to build bombers and other weapons for the armed forces.

The attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, signaled America’s entry into WWII and it also created a national consciousness that brought together and united the country to the common goal of the defeat of our enemy.

At the time, American Auto Manufactures were called on to stop the production of cars and to begin producing things like tanks and guns to help make America victorious in the fight against fascism.

In WWII when America was threatened from the enemies of the world; the Auto Makers were there for America. So isn’t it ironic that now, during the biggest financial crisis, perhaps in the nations history, the Government doesn’t seem to feel any sense of commitment to the industry that help make the United States the most powerful nation on the planet.

It’s time to face the fact that our current crisis is just as big, if not bigger than what we faced in WWII, and that the auto industry is a key part of getting out of the crisis.

Rather than argue about whether or not the auto makers should have been producing SUVs over the last few years, we could begin retooling auto plants to begin making wind turbines and electric vehicles. Rather than demanding to see the Auto Makers business plans, we could be partnering with the auto makers to begin producing the technology we need to be energy independent.

Plant conversions could take place quickly, and rather than talking about letting workers go from their jobs, we could be talking about creating new jobs to help in the monumental task of freeing the nation from the rule of oil producing nations.

This would help our country solve the economic crisis, put people back to work, and help the Auto Manufactors all at the same time. Just as they re-tooled during WWII they could start doing the same now with some of the closed portions or their plants, or even the plants that are already closed, and start creating the things we need for the future.

However our leaders seem to be asleep or afraid to do this right now. Even though PE Obama has mentioned several times that is what he wants to do after he takes office, and others have mentioned it too, we could do this now. Or at least start.

We have to make sure the Auto Manufactors survive. It is a matter of National Security, it is a matter of Patriotic Duty. These companies made us a world power in WWII, without them we would not have survived the war. Our country would have failed and we would never have won that war. We have forgotten that part of our history, and don't realize how valuable these companies are. I can't see Nissan, Honda, or Toyota doing this retooling so we can build Tanks or Half tracks or Jeeps for us to fight a war with. Can you??

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