Friday, December 19, 2008

You Just Can't Make This Up, Part II

You Just Can't Make This Up, Part II

Remember when the campaign was going on and the rallys were so heated and Palin was stumping and the crowds were getting loud and yelling things and people were whispering that there were racist undertones there?? At the time people even said it was possible Gov. Palin was possibly a tad racist herself. That she didn't support the natives in Alaska, she had no record of supporting the African Americans in Alaska and there were none on her staff. This was later disputed when it was pointed out by Bill McAllister, her spokesperson that he was actually African American.

Well, from the You can't make this up file we find this today....reported by the AP:

Alaska Checking E-Mailed Slurs About Obama


Alaska officials are investigating e-mail messages that included racist jokes about President-elect Barack Obama and were circulated on state government accounts by state employees.

Officials say that the messages apparently originated in a private account but that about 10 state employees appear to have “taken action” on them, like forwarding them to others.

Bill McAllister, a spokesman for Gov. Sarah Palin, said Thursday that none of the 10 employees worked in the governor’s office and that to his knowledge no one in the office had received any of the messages, which, he said, Ms. Palin condemns.

“They violate state policy — at least that’s the prima facie view of things,” Mr. McAllister said in a telephone interview. “They’re not state business, and obviously they are offensive, and clearly she doesn’t support that. And she does not support racism, and she does not support attacks on the president-elect.”

The messages were first reported by The Associated Press, which did not say how it had learned of them. The news agency said it had obtained five messages with racist comments, including one that summarized the significance of Mr. Obama’s election victory as “another black family living in government housing.”

Annette Kreitzer, the state commissioner of administration, told The A.P. that the employees who forwarded the messages could be reprimanded but that it was unlikely they would be dismissed. Ms. Kreitzer did not immediately respond Thursday to requests for an interview.

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