Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new kind of president

Check it out for yourself just click here: Change.gov

We seem to have a new kind of president. Of course I and others thought he would be different. That's why we supported him, donated to him, made phone calls for him, went door to door for him and finally voted for him.

Of course it is early. Things could always change, but we are hopeful that it won't. And that is all we can do. So many people were hopeful 8 years ago that we would have a different kind of president. He promised to be a "uniter, not a divider", yet he wasn't really. But, this is not about that. This post is about PE Obama.

At his new web site you can see his entire plan. You can actually go there and put in your ideas, your suggestions, see his weekly address, see announcements, and meetings PE Obama has with other people and what they talk about.

It has a place you can put blogs up of your story, what you are struggling with that others may have suggestions to help you. A place you can write up your ideas and are asked for them many times. Even encouraged to give them. You can even apply for a job on the site, however be prepared, they received over 200,000 applications in just a few hours and only had 8,000 jobs to fill. So, I don't think the odds are very good in that area.

Each of the new members of the team as they are announced are introduced on this web site and a short bio is given along with a video of the intro. No matter how much rumor is out there about appointments I usually don't believe them until either I see PE Obama on TV or I see it there on the site.

This is part of the transparency PE Obama said we would have if he was elected. He has done well keeping his promises so far I believe. He also said all along that we would have a say in the running of the White House, that he wanted our ideas and our suggestions as to things we would like to see done. They have asked for suggestions about Health Care, the Economy, Veterans Affairs, and others are to come.

This is important to us all. We should all take the time to look at this and give our ideas and thoughts to PE Obama and his team. Lets all work together to make this difficult time better for all of us.

Here is the post I made on how the economic situation has effected me and my family:

"My son-in-law was out of work for 7 months until he finally went to work for a local sheriff's department as a deputy. Now they are trying to catch up and with 2 children in school it is hard for them. Now after purchasing uniforms for work he finds they are changing them all after January 1 and he has to spend over $1,000 more to buy all new uniforms again. So the money he spent on Oct. 1 when he went to work was for naught. In this economy this is hard. But this is how it works. __I live on SS. Disability, it isn't much but you have to make due with what you can. I tried to get assistance to make my rental unit more energy efficient. Because my landlord would not sign off on it, I couldn't get any help. This is not right and needs to be addressed. What is our recourse in this?? I can't afford to update my unit myself on my limited income, and can't get assistance without my landlords approval. __These are just some of the things people face every day. Home owners have all kinds of assistance available to them but renters are subject to their landlords and as such are unable to do much. Then add to that low income and it makes it even more difficult."

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Annette said...

For some reason I can't get the web site to post tonight.

It is http://www.change.gov

I don't know if that will work or not. But that is what it is.