Friday, October 23, 2009

Craig Crawford Puts the Obama vs Fox into Perspective

Craig Crawford gives a little bit of historical perspective to the White House vs. Fox "war" that everyone seems to be talking about.

I don't agree with him that it is a bad idea, however, but I do know it has happened many times before.. it seems most people have forgotten that. I have never considered Fox a news organization and refuse to call them such.. so I understand exactly where the President and his staff are coming from.

But here is a Craig's take on it.. I always enjoy his unique perspective.


Unknown said...

You are wrong. I live in the south and therefore I am use to being shunned and mistreated for no reason except prejudice. I traveled through the west last week and met several people from all walks and was surprised that over and over that Fox was considered the only news they could trust

Annette said...

I gave my opinion.. I don't consider it a news source and I stand by the statement. No one is shunning you or mistreating you.. not sure why you even said that.. Just because you met several people who believe in Fox Noise doesn't mean the majority of people do. Remember there are 300 Million people in the US.. only 3 million watch Fox.. that's hardly a majority.

Unknown said...

My, My, I gave my opinion, but apparently you can only tolerate someone who agrees with you. You are correct about the 3 million, but that is a lot more than the few that read your opinion. As a matter of fact this is the first time I have read any of your work. The point was that the majority of the few people I talked to watched Fox.

Annette said...

Nope, I tolerated your opinion just fine.. I just don't happen to agree with

Thanks for visiting.. hope you visit again and I hope you read more than just this one post.

Sue said...

Annette apparently P is living in a faux noise bubble. Fox Is right up there with the National Enquirer and the Globe, those lying rags from the grocery store!! I don't know how to explain peoples belief in Fox except that it must be their utter hate of Obama and the left. It boggles my SANE mind!!

Sue said...

BTW, P sounds like my lisa!!

Annette said...

Sue, I thought the same But, like I said P is allowed his/her opinion just as you or I are allowed ours.. that doesn't mean I have to agree with it.. lol Faux has always been an arm of the GOP, they were part of the Bush White House propaganda and they continue to be part of the Right Wing Noise Makers..

TomCat said...

P, how was anyone here intolerant to you. Annette merely disagreed with your opinion.

Annette, I recently heard a quote from someone who believed that Faux was the only trustworthy source:


mommapolitico said...

Thanks for posting the great clip, Annette. Some folks get a little defensive when you expose their news sources as not worthy of trust.
The thing that cracks me up is that folks are acting like this is a new idea..."What? Fixx News has a bias?" Aww, c'mon! Some folks just prefer to live with their heads in the sand. It's easier that way, I guess.

As to P, well, I guess P never noticed that the majority of folks in this fine nation happen to have elected a Democratic majority in both houses...and, oh, yeah, in that big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue, too, last time I checked! ;)

You keep fighting the good fight, Girlfriend. The naysayers are litle gnats to be swatted away. Unless, of course, they want to have some civil discourse instead of name calling. Way to go, Girl!