Friday, October 2, 2009

Jesus Camp, More from the Bush Video Originators

This is indoctrination of children.. something I don't see Pres. Obama doing, but I have seen from the "religious right" over and over again.

This is what we should be afraid of, and this is what we should be preaching against. Instead of being afraid of what Pres. Obama wants to talk to our children about in school, this is what we should be afraid of.

Look at the faces of these children, some of them are scared to death. They talk of war, they talk of fear and retaliation. They talk of winning the battle, destroying enemies.

They tell them all their heroes and books are evil and should not be read or allowed. So these children feel guilty for everything they do or say.

Watch this 10 minute video and imagine what your 6 and 7 year old child would feel like.. some of these children aren't even that old.

This just disgusts me. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but as I say.. this is disgusting. If they were really teaching them the word of God it would be different, but they aren't. The one woman is trying to teach them to speak tongues. I am offended by that, because that is a gift from God, that is not something that one person can teach another. This is all fakery from human beings, not from God.

These are on YouTube and there are more there... All you have to do is search and you can find them. They are really out there. This was a movie.. I haven't seen the entire movie and don't think I want to.

Thank You to my friend "K" at Citizen K, pointed it out to me the other day after I posted the Pres. Bush worship video. After he said he thought it was from the movie called Jesus Camp, I got to thinking about it. Since I had a little free time from the weeds, I thought I would look it up to see what I could find. Lo and behold, this is the first one I found.. So, Thanks again "K".

Oh, and you should really check out his blog too.


Sue said...

Annette this really is disgusting!! I don't believe in this religion of fear, things these fanatics say scares the shit outta little kids, well hell it scares the shit outta me too!!

Annette said...

I know Sue.. that's what they use to "convert" these kids and adults to "their God".

I used to be a youth minister at my church and this is one of the reasons I stopped, so many of the groups who targeted youth from teens down were using fear and anger to force conversions so to speak to God.. that never works.. So I quit.. I couldn't do it..

TomCat said...

Dang it Annette!! The warnig you left at PP wasn't strong enough!! I had a barf bag ready for this and filled it, a garbage bag, and a trash can. I still got some on my keyboard. :-(

Annette said...

Sorry Tom, I tried to warn you.. Next time I will do it in all

TomCat said...