Thursday, October 8, 2009

LEAVE OR ELSE!.. By Oct. 15, 2009...

Another warning to Pres. Obama from a militia group. This time a warning saying they are going to:

“If you stay,” the silent video message continues, “ ‘We, The People’ will systematically dismantle you, destroy you and reclaim what is rightfully ours. …

“We are angry and we are ready to take back the rights of the people. We will fight and We will win. …

My only problem... since when is a honestly elected, with a significant margin at that, considered taking something away from someone. We have elections in this country every 4 years for the President.

That is the law, set up in the Constitution of the United States and done without fail since this country was created. Pres. Obama won the election by a wide margin and people need to get over it. This kind of hate filled rhetoric is idiotic.

Lets look back at the election results in case you forgot, shall we..

Electoral Votes... Barack Obama.. 365 votes
John McCain... 173 votes

HMMMMM, quite the difference there... wonder how that happened.. that's not quite taking it away from him is it.. I wouldn't think so.

Now if that doesn't solve it let's look at another little fact here.

Popular Vote.... Barack Obama... 66,882,230 (53%)
John McCain... 58,343,671 (46%)

Now, once again.. That's a pretty fair margin.. I hope this refreshes your memory of the WIDE results of last years election and how Pres. Obama defeated McCain, not by a narrow sliver.. but by a MANDATE.. he didn't take something that didn't belong to him, he WON. FAIR AND SQUARE.


You can watch the video below.. and my hat is off to Bob Cesca @ BobCesca'sAwesomeBlog! GO! for bringing it to my attention. I suspect it is just like the last one, that was posted and showing them marching on Washington DC with 1 million armed men on July 4th.. I think that fizzled out too.. but it never hurts to be prepared for Teh Crazy that is out


morb320 said...

This is very, very scary. World Net Daily has an article stating fake reasons President Obama should be impeached with a poll which has around 250 votes, the majority in favor of impeachment. Now this video from a militia. I've been praying daily for the president's safety and an end to all of the madness along with hcr with a strong public option to pass.
You have valid data that shows that Obama did not steal the election. I think several things that have happened recently are extremely upsetting to the nuts. After they acted like fools the entire month of August, it didn't pay off. There has been an upward movement of support for hcr. Some of the conservatives cheered when America lost the Olympics bid and tried to tie it to Obama. Video of the cheering got public exposure, making them look very vengeful and unpatriotic. Some pictures are on the 'net showing how well-received Obama was in Copenhagen, followed by America's movement from #7 to #1
on an international poll. All of these events, along with others, are slowly pushing them over the edge with the help of Fuchs Noose, some members of the Republican Party, and the rw radio liars, and it seems like the potential GOP candidates for president in 2012 are helping to fuel these false claims and movements.
Again, thanks Annette for your unique insight on this issue.

Sue said...

it is very scary Annette but I still choose to believe a small minority of the country is actually fueling this small fire. Its just that the MSM gives way to much exposure to the wingnutfucks which makes them look bigger and badder. I just pray the sane people wise up and fight to keep the power, we can't let the right come back in 2010!! And as for 2012, all they have is Palin, thats the biggest fuckin joke I've heard since GW Bush!!!

TomCat said...

Annette, I'm not worried about a Repuglican Revolution. If they tried, they would be crushed. What does worry me is the possibility of assassination, and a person who might try that is the king of crazy this video is trying to motivate.

Annette said...

I agree, they are scary and the incidences of these are rising more and more every day. As Tom says.. it's not so much I worry about the Militia rising up.. but that lone gunman acting out..

With the idiot rethugs not wanting to talk any of them down it just makes them worse.. they are getting to the point of being out of control. When we have elected officials going overseas and speaking against the country, or a room full of people cheering the fact we lost the Olympic bid, we have a problem in this country. There are no voices of reason on the right side of the political spectrum that anyone is really listening to.

We have to be aware and alert all the time. All of us.

TomCat said...

I think we're watching the death throes of what was once a progressive party.