Friday, October 9, 2009

Treason and Sedition

This is from my friend Matt and was posted at the Huffington Post. Now I normally don't read much there.. but I do have a few bloggers from there I read.. Matt, Bob Cesca and a few others.

This is a great piece and if you don't read Matt's writings.. well shame on Matt also writes at his own little spot called Osborne Ink.

In his post at Huff Post yesterday he is talking about several times that things have been said by members of Congress and by others which are undermining to the United States Government. But my words do it no justice..Here is Matt:

Article III of the Constitution defines treason against the United States in three ways: levying war against the country, adhering to the country's enemies, or giving aid or comfort to enemies. The punishment for treason is death, but the article requires a high burden of proof. It is the only crime defined in the Constitution.

Sedition, on the other hand, is defined by statute and has a lower burden of proof. Sedition is an attempt to disrupt or overthrow the constitutional government of the United States or incite resistance to lawful authority.

Jumps right into it doesn't

He then cites the relevant passage from the US Code.

After that he has a video from the "National Association of Rural Landowners -- one of the sponsors of the 9/12 "tea parties." That's how far this kind of un-American rhetoric has penetrated the mainstream conservative movement." That's directly from the article by Matt.

Once again, these videos are chilling, yet funny in a way.. As I pointed out yesterday, NO ONE in the mainstream of the republican party, is willing to stand up to these fringe groups and tell them to cool it. William Buckley did that to the Birch Society and it stopped. But no one has that kind of guts or that kind of authority now.

Rushbo has gotten so large.. not in size either, I am talking his voice and his authority that no one seems to be able to shut him up. He is pumping the rhetoric. Just as is Glen Beck and several other talk show entertainers. They don't care if something happens.. to them it is all about the money and the ratings.

After that video, Matt goes on to remind us of the Robert Perry story at NewsMax.Com that TomCat did such a wonderful write up about. Matt wrote it up too and thanks to all the publicity it got NewsMax did have the sense to pull the article. But the damage was done.

Sorry, I won't link to NewsMax.. if you want to read a Right Wing site, you can search for won't get there from my site.

That story or article, whatever you want to call what Perry wrote.. it was at the least SEDITION. That's why they took the story down. If the truth was known they may have gotten a little phone call or a visit from which is a good thing if you ask me. I hope Mr. Perry got a visit too.

The entire article is great, as are all of Matt's articles. Please go here to check it out and read and watch the videos, and if you haven't gone to Matt's place at Osborne Ink, please go by there too.


Sue said...

absolutely Annette. Its appauling, it's treasonist, it's sedition. The rightwingnutfucks are out of control and NOBODY is shutting them up.

After this mornings news, (Nobel Peace Prize), I'm not going anywhere near the conservative sites or talk radio! The venom will be worse then EVER!!!

TomCat said...

Thanks for the linkage Annette. I have already read Matt's article and agree that it is superior in every respect.

morb320 said...

They are most certainly guilty of sedition, if not treason, at this point. DeMinted's trip to Honduras against the request of the president. Cantor, Kyl, and Boehner's bashing the president and America in foreign countries, working to undermine the president's widely-known policies. Add to this the rw media support on teevee and radio. Under Bush II these same individuals would have been visited by members of the Secret Service, but now it is viewed as wholly acceptable to do anything to undermine a duly elected POTUS. I watched a clip of Max Blumenthal on the Ed Show discussing the craziness of the right. He says that the religious fundamentalists have taken over the Republican Party, and that none of the leaders in the party have the guts to denounce them because they are afraid of losing their votes in the upcoming elections. He also said that the fundamentalists have forced the moderates out of the party. I totally agree.

Annette said...

Yes, Sue, you are so right.. I turned on Morning Joke for just a bit this morning to watch the Moon Bombing.. and it was all I could do to watch 3 minutes of it and listen to them belittle the president for winning the Nobel Prize. Between the Joke and then Mark Halperin.. it made me ill and angry the hatred I was hearing.

Tom.. You are most welcome.. and I was going to write up something about this, but Matt beat me to it.. and he does it so much better than

Majii, thanks for your loyalty.. I know I have been lacking lately.. you are so very correct in your analysis as to where most of this is coming from. It starts with the elected officials and works its way down through Talk Radio and TeeVee to the General Public, As I said yesterday in my comment, I just hope the heated talk doesn't make someone act out as a lone person against our President. That's my fear.