Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Prize Winner, Barack Obama

I have seen and heard so many people saying President Obama should not have won the Nobel Peace Prize. For various reasons, it seems but for the most part it is either because it seems no one thinks he has done enough, or he has carried on too many of the war policies.

However, Rachel Maddow takes on all critics last night in her opening segment and blows them away. Rachel is not known for her war mongering and is quite the peacenik herself so for her to come out in favor of this and to strongly support the President getting the Prize says a lot in my book.

Watch if you haven't seen it.. and maybe you might learn a lot about the selection process.


Sue said...

Damn damn damn I just love Rachel, I just love and so admire President Obama, I am sooooo proud to be a DEMOCRAT!!!
Come by Annette and read the stupidity from Linda on my Grayson post, insanity!!

Rachel is making quite a name for herself, her show is becoming my favorite!

Annette said...

I don't always agree with everything she says.. but this time I was in complete agreement.. she did a fine job of putting the nay sayers in their place.. I thought it was great..

She does great research though, unlike most people who are on TeeVee and is not afraid to admit when she is wrong about something.

Sue said...

I absolutely agree, she is a great researcher. And yes will admit if she stated something wrong. See, thats why I love her, LOL