Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ensign's Story is Falling Apart

John Ensign thought he got away free. First Marky Mark came along and confessed his dying love to the girl from Argentina, then Michael Jackson died. Then Sarah Palin resigned. John Ensign thought he had it made.

The guy he cuckolded had written a letter to Fox News but they held it and didn't put it on the air and no one really picked up on it, since Sanford was such good press for a while.

Then with all the other news to take his name off the front page, and if he kept his head down, mouth shut and just stayed quiet maybe he could squeak by and no one would notice him and he would be okay.

Not so fast there big boy. Doug Hampton isn't quite done and he isn't ready to just ride away in the sunset quite so easily and quietly. He is now talking and he is talking to Jon Ralston on Face to Face.

Here is what there lead in says:

He's been labeled an extortionist and had his story ignored by FOX News. Now, the man whose wife had an affair with U.S. Sen. John Ensign (Nevada-R) is telling his story exclusively on Face to Face. Jon talks with Doug Hampton in the first of a two-part interview

You can access this video interview here. That is part one. Here is part two of the video interview.

You can also read more about this at Politico, where they are looking at the Tom Colburn end of it. This is getting really more and more complicated. It seems he was very involved to and knew about it for over a year and either condoned, helped cover it up, or tried to stop it, I am not really sure.

He supposedly told Ensign to write her a letter to break it off and then pay her off to stop it, get rid of her or something. In order to clear it out of everything. He really needed to make sure it didn't interfere with his career.

According to Rachel Maddow tonight the group of them live together in a house which is registered as a Church in Washington D.C. and that is where one of the meetings between Hampton and Colburn took place.

From Politico:

Sources familiar with the facts say that Hampton and Coburn confronted Ensign in February 2008 at a Christian fellowship home on Capitol Hill where Ensign, Coburn and several other lawmakers live.


Hampton told Ralston that Ensign subsequently gave well over $25,000 to his wife, former Ensign campaign treasurer Cindy Hampton, as severance pay for her political work. Both Hamptons were on Ensign’s payroll from Dec. 2006 until April 2008.


Hampton also supplied Ralston with a copy of what he said was a handwritten letter from Ensign to Cindy Hampton, dated February 2008, in which Ensign suggested that he wanted to end the affair.

“This is the most important letter I’ve ever written,” Ensign wrote. “What I did with you was wrong. I was completely self-centered + only thinking of myself. I used you for my own pleasure, not letting thoughts of you, Doug [or the couples’ children] come into my mind...I betrayed everything I believed in and lied to myself over + over. I justified my actions because I blamed my wife.”

Ensign refused to comment on the new revelations Wednesday, telling POLITICO: “See what we said before.”

Late Wednesday night, Ensign spokesman Tory Mazzola issued a statement in which he said: “In response to today’s television interview, Sen. Ensign said Doug Hampton was consistently inaccurate in his statements.”

As you can see this is just getting good...Rachel also said that now CREW is getting involved. So it may really get interesting now.

There isn't a video of it up yet on Rachel's site.. will have to check it out later. Here is a listing of her guests though.

Jon Ralston, host, Face to Face and Las Vegas Sun columnist
Jeff Sharlet, contributing editor at Harper's Magazine, author of "The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power"

Jeff Sharlet is the guy who stated the house was listed as a church and had infiltrated the house for a while. It was something the info he had on it. I want to see what else he found out.

Here is the link for the CREW web site that shows the complaint against Ensign, if you would like to check it out and watch it to see what happens.

This could prove very interesting before it is over with. I think we just are going to have to watch and see.. then again it may all come to nothing.

But, you have to remember, his parents are Casino moguls. That's gambling money. Yes, it is legal in Nevada, but still.. for his parents to be paying them money, just looks funny... like untraceable.

You know what they say... where there is smoke....


enigma4ever said...

great job covering this and much...what a mess...and I am sure it is no where near over....(about Sanford- he keeps dropping off the headlines)...Ensign, what next ??

so keep blogging it...

so you are on facebook..I am too- would love to read you there..but dont know your whole name..

take care..
sorry I have been so scarce..

majii said...

I watched both sets of the interviews and believe that Doug Hampton said some things that Ensign doesn't want the public to know about. Ensign never wanted us to know his parents paid the Hamptons $96,000, or that Cynthia Hampton received more than a $25,000 severance package, or that Coburn is as deeply involved in it as he is. Coburn now wants to hide behind his doctor/deacon confidentiality. I believe Hampton when he said that Coburn and others suggested paying off the Hamptons' house and helping them relocate to Colorado. That house on C Street is more of a den of liars and thieves than it is a residence for republicans of the Christian persuasion. They would look infinitely better if they would just tell the truth about the whole thing. In fact, I think it would cause people to reflect more favorably on the GOP. They have a bad habit of saying one thing and doing another. Vitter, Craig, Ensign, Gingrich, Foley, and Palin have done things contrary to their so-called "values," but are still accepted and respected members of the Republican Party.

nonnie9999 said...

i love when the rethugs get their bandaids ripped off ever soooooooo slowly. all their dirty little secrets come gushing out while they try to staunch the bleeding from their self-inflicted wounds.

D.K. Raed said...

Anyone who is thinking Ensign won't get slapped down too hard in Nevada is clearly thinking that Las Vegas represents all of Nevada. Being a native Nevadan, I can tell you that the "rest of the state" is made up of extremely moral mid-western types. They will want him out. And even in "sinful" Las Vegas, there is a sizeable portion of the population that has a more mid-west mindset and will not likely tolerate Ensign's hypocrisy or any whiff of under-the-table payola.

I didn't know his parents were casino owners. Gaming (as it's known in Nevada) is tightly controlled (Harry Reid used to be the State Gaming Commissioner). The Gaming Board will be yet another group of Nevadans who will be checking into the stench of the Ensign family.

As you can probably tell, I can hardly contain my glee over seeing that self-righteous prig self-imploding.