Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal . Rage on the Airwaves

Last night, July 24th, Bill Moyers presented this piece about hate speech. He is not saying the hosts are guilty, it is the ones pulling the trigger who are guilty, but words do have consequensces, and the talkers should remember that.

He says he will be attacked and I am sure he will be, by the talkers for calling them out. They like playing the victim, just as they did when Dr. Tiller was killed.

We have to try to do something about this. Just recently we here on the left, (bloggers and just people in general) started a writing, emailing and phone calling campaign to get Pat Buchanan off MSNBC and so far it has worked. We can do it with these other people if we all band together, but only if we

1) stop listening or watching them ourselves.. even if it is just to see what they are saying,
2) start writing, calling, emailing the advertisers of the shows and letting them know we won't stand for this hate speech any longer.

It is the advertisers who will stop it. Not Fox News, not EIB or any other station or broadcasting network..they don't care, the advertisers are where the money is, and once they start losing money, by hearing from us and then by us NOT BUYING the products they sell, then we can do something about it.

That's what it will take. But it is up to you, and you, and YOU!

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nonnie9999 said...

bill moyers is the best. his shows are always so intelligent. he doesn't dumb anything down, but he makes everything understandable.

i really thought pat buchanan would be gone from msnbc. however, there he was today on hardball. i'm honestly at a loss as to what it would take for him to get fired. the same goes for lou dobbs.