Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glenn Beck Calls Pres. Obama a Racist, Lets Boycott the Advertisers

Glenn Beck is an idiot. Plain and Simple. I have never liked him, don't watch him and will never watch him. He has done some really stupid things, but I believe this is one of his worst.

In case you aren't familiar with what he has done, here is the video of it:

Yes, this is from Media Matters, because I refuse to link or post anything from Fox News. Now, the head of Fox News makes a statement and says, this is Glenn Beck's opinion and not the opinion of Fox News. Well, way to go.. What the heck does that mean?

This is just unacceptable. But, Beck is not the only one, he is just the latest. We hear this from Limbaugh all the time. The only problem is that Beck did this not only on Fox & Friends early Tuesday morning, he repeated it on his radio show later on in the day. So, that's a double dose of the mess.

Now today, on MSNBC, the best thing I have ever heard from someone came out. Well, I believe Keith Olbermann has suggested it before. Here is what Donnie Deustch had to say:

Deustch: He called this president a ‘racist’ and a ‘hatred of white people’, okay? This has to stop. Here’s the only way this stops. The reason this man does this, this Glenn Beck does this, is because it attracts viewers, it creates controversy…

If you’re an African-American or white American who’s tired of this kind of talk, write to the CEO’s of those companies and say: ‘you know what, put it somewhere else on Fox News, I’m not saying take it [your advertising] off of Fox News, take it off this man’s show.

The following advertisers were listed by Deustch on air:

General Motors
Campbell Soup
Proctor & Gamble
Kraft Foods

Here is the video of the segment with him, Tamryn Hall and Jonathon Capehart discussing this and where he makes the suggestion. Watch it and watch how Tamryn is shocked by his suggestion.

Even Joe Scarborough, who I never agree with said it was over the top, from his Twitter page:

Conservatives attacked the Dixie Chicks for saying much less about President Bush than what Beck said about President Obama.
about 9 hours ago from web

Joe Scarborough

I agree with Donnie, this has to stop. However I think we should tell them to quit Fox all together.. but I see his point. Baby steps. The only way to get this stopped is to pull the advertising. This has been done before. So, get your pencils out, get your emails ready and start writing.

There is a diary at DailyKos which lists all the contact information for the sponsors and you can get to it by clicking on the link here. It is a great post and has all the information I have here plus the contact info. Check it out and get the address and lets get this done.

Send each of the advertisers an email, keep it polite, keep it simple and keep it fairly short. Let them know you don't appreciate the hate speech from Beck, that you will not support it and that if they continue advertising on his program you will stop buying from them until they do. That they need to remove their advertising from his program and move it to other programing at Fox. Thank them and end it there. But we have to make sure we send enough to do some good.


Professor Chaos said...

If Barack Obama hates white people, Mother's Day must have been pretty awkward at the Obama house. Glenn Beck is an idiot and an ass.

willis said...

Fox strives for a new low every day and they always excel. I can't stand to watch them either. It's embarrassing as a human being.

nonnie9999 said...

contacting the advertisers is the only way to get these shitheads off the air. that said, how ironic that this came from donnie deutsch, who has been spewing misogynistic bullshit since he's been filling in for david shuster. oh well, one battle at a time.

ZIRGAR said...

I hate Beck with a ton of bile, but I think he has the right to state his opinion, no matter how vile and how much I personally hate it. I also know that I have the same right to have an opinion about Beck and as such I am free to act upon it and make him aware of the fact that his free speech rights can be met by my own and those of decent people everywhere. Let's show this turdburger how much we detest him and his prejudice.

mommapolitico said...

Rockin' post, Annette. I hope you don't mind, but I thought it was such a great post, and you'd done such a terrific job with your video clips, that I linked to you in my post so folks can check it out.

I took your list of corporations and hunted down their email addresses so corporate America is just a click away from getting a piece of our minds. Man, they really don't want people to email them - talk about jumping through hoops to get what you need!

Let me know if that's o.k. with you. If not, I'll pull the post immediately, no worries. I was impressed by the fine work you did, and just ran with it, and I hope you approve. Hope to hear from you soon!

K. said...

Great call to action! Looks like I have a busy day ahead of me.

Helen Wheels over at Just Ain't Right thinks she has a hundred blog entries wondering how much lower the right can sink. They always come up with something.

LOL, Prof C!

Matt Osborne said...

Important note: if you can find an 800-number, don't just email -- CALL. Be brief and to the point.

Katie said...

I sent an e-mail to several of the companies who placed ads, and this was the response I received:

Not very promising. These companies aren't willing to take responsibility for what they support, so long as they're profiting off of it...surprise, surprise.

Annette said...

Thanks Katie, All we can do is try.. maybe if they get enough responses they will do something.. you never know.

At least it is something.

Patricia said...

Volume is the key. If they get enough negative mail it might help. Certainly worth a try. For instance, Wal-Mart has been wanting to rehabilitate its image - if not its practices - so much. Being associated with this stuff can't help. And, at least in the one closest to us, the minority clientèle is by far the majority for Wal-Mart.

Also, too, soup is not good food if it comes with side of race baiting and slandering the president. Also. You betcha.

Annalisa said...

Hey there, I work for General Motors and confirmed with our advertising group that GM has not advertised with Glen Beck since May 2009...