Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Killing Health Care Reform

I see people trying to kill Health Care Reform in all ways.

There are the lies from the Republicans that are being told, such as in the comments of my last post, about euthanasia, raising taxes on everyone, and just on and on. There are more, all you have to do is just look around and you can see them. The "socialized medicine" is a great one, putting the government between you and your health care is another one.

One of the many things that has been used to help the Republican's is the talking points from Frank Luntz's Memo on how to kill Health Care. They have used it to distraction to obstruct, lie and misinform people about everything involved in the process.

The media is complicit in this.. they allow them to tell their lies and never once challenge them, or they call them on part of it, but let them squirm and tell another one to cover up the one they just told.

From Media Matters: CNN's Dana Bash did not challenge Rep. John Boehner's false suggestion that the health care reform bill being considered by the House contains a tax on all small businesses. Nor did she challenge Boehner's claim that Democrats are proposing to "nationaliz[e] our health care system here."

Again Media Matters has this: Donald Lambro falsely claimed that President Obama said that equipment and tests used to "diagnose, treat or otherwise care for" patients "don't make Americans any healthier."

I think you get my meaning.. this is just a part of it and it is taking a toll. We have to start pushing back and pushing back hard. These Republicans need to hear from each of us.

I get tired of hearing from people who say, it won't do any good to call my rep he or she is a Republican. Well call them anyway.. let them know you don't want what they are trying to sell.. Your call will still be counted. The only way we can get this point across and support the public option the president and we want is to push back hard.

Letting them control the message is killing Health Care Reform.. and we are letting it happen by sitting here complaining and not doing anything. Start calling and writing letters, emails something.

The bill that looks the best so far to me is HR 3200, from what I have read of the others this one has all the best features, a strong Public Option and mandates for business, plus breaks for the small businesses. This is what we need. This is what we want.

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themom said...

When people start arguing that "do you want the government deciding what health procedure you get" - I fire back with "WTF do you think the CEO's of these HMO's are doing now?" Some people just "don't get it."