Friday, July 17, 2009

My Letter to MSNBC

I just sent this E-Mail to MSNBC.. I don't know if it will help.. but it can't hurt and if enough of us do it, or call them, maybe it will start to sink in that we are tired of this and they will get the message.

That's what happened to Imus, that's what got him off the air.. phone calls and emails to them.. So it's time to declare war on Buchanan.. Anyone care to join me?

The EMail address is


I have been a loyal viewer of MSNBC since it's launch and rarely is my television turned off your station except on weekends when you have your dock blocks on. I start my day with you and end my days with you and even sleep with your station on.

However, I have been seeing something lately that is beginning to really bother me. Pat Buchanan has always been some what behind the times, and I have felt he was still in the 50's and 60's many times. There has most of the time been a sublety to his comments and it was ignored for the most part by others, but he has gotten worse.

There have been the articles he has written for Human Events, and there are the blog posts he writes that are nothing less than racist rants. He has attacked the President repeatedly, for his race, his religion and his policies. His policies are one thing. I can deal with that. But he needs to stay away from the racial attacks and the religion.

Now, since Sonia Sotomayor has been introduced as Supreme Court nominee Pat has gone off the deep end. There have been too many things that he has said and done for it to be excused. You have cancelled others who were on your network and said less than he has, yet you continue to give this man a platform.

Last night finally Rachel Maddow challenged him for some of the things he said in an article he wrote for Human Events. The things he said were just out and out lies about Judge Sotomayor, and they were offensive and racist. It was not the first time, it was not the last time.

I was also amazed today to see that Carlos Watson brought Bay Buchanan onto his show and then was surprised when she started spouting out just lies and racist rants in much the same way that Pat has been doing. He finally had to just cut her off and call her out about it. At least he did do that. But this is exactly what I am talking about. Why is this allowed to go on? It must stop.

I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. You must do what you feel is right in this manner, and I must do what I must do. I refuse to listen to this racist man any longer. I will no longer watch anything in which he is given a voice, no matter what it is.

Thank you for allowing me to give voice to my concerns to this matter. I hope you will take this into consideration and do something about it.

Annette Sousley


Tango daddy said...

You amaze me and make me want to be a better blogger

nonnie9999 said...

i was more succinct. i put Patrick Buchanan in the subject line and then wrote this:

Dear Mr. Capus:
I have been an avid MSNBC viewer for many, many years. I am sorry to say that I will probably have to switch over to CNN for my news, at least until your hosts stop pallin' around with racists.

ZIRGAR said...

You've inspired me to write to MSNBC, Annette!

Distributorcap said...

annette email me

u should write to more people

Patricia said...

You're an inspiration. I think it's time we all write. Buchanan has always been a xenophobe and a racist, but he kept in somewhat in check for a while and did have his experience as a political professional to offer. But I think he's one of the people who have gone over the edge from having a black president. It seems to be driving quite a few people so far over the edge that they're forgetting to be even marginally socially acceptable.