Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember Sanjay Gupta? Who Thought He Would Be a Good Surgeon General?

Not I, said the little red hen....lol I said he was a corporate tool and would always be..well the proof of it showed this week even more than before.

Rick Sanchez along with most of the media has also shown their true colors in this run up to the final laps in the Health Care Debate. He had Gupta and a representative from my own state of Missouri, Roy Blunt on his show Monday to discuss Health Care and the Republican version of it. Yeah, there is supposed to be one.

Now just keep reminding yourself that Gupta was supposed to be the Surgeon General pick at one time. I never liked him, never thought he would be a good pick, never believed he was the choice of the White House. I thought all along it was a publicity maneuver of CNN.

One of the things you have to remember is how he tried his best to destroy Michael Moore and the movie Sicko. Which has now been proven to be 150% true. That link is just one and takes you to Krugman's blog, there has also been the Moyer's interview with Wendell Potter formally with Cigna Ins. Co. in which he says the movie was exactly right and Michael Moore was spot on.

The PBS piece is worth watching and is very informative about the Health Care Reform. Potter was also on the Ed Show last week, and said some of the same things.

But, the point is.. Gupta was a bad pick if he was ever the pick for Surgeon General and he just reinforces it when he shows himself in this video as an insurance shill.

Of course Roy Blunt is just as bad, but then he is married to a lobbyist and is paid off by them and as a republican is not wanting anything to do with any kind of Health Care Reform that would be good for the people in America. Anything they (the republicans) want has to be good for them and getting them back in power, and making the president look bad in the process.

I got this video and the transcript of it can be found at Crooks & Liars/Video Cafe.


Mauigirl said...

Ironically, Blunt uses Medicare Part D as an example of choosing the health care provider, then goes on to say that government healthcare wouldn't provide a choice.

majii said...

I agree that Gupta would have been a bad choice for SG. He is probably p!$$ed at Obama and the progressives for opposing his choice for the job. Remember how he withdrew his name? He is now a staunch opponent of anything Obama proposes. He reminds me of Sen. Sessions, whose ugly attitude against Judge Sottomayor was in full display last week. Sessions is still upset about not getting the federal judicial appointment back in 1986, and it still shows.

K. said...

"...more competition, more choice..." blah blah blah blah blah. Same old Republican nonsense. As the Grateful Dead put it, Please don't dominate the rap, Jack, when you got nothin' new to say...

Anonymous said...

I am confused. What did Gupta say in this video that makes him a corporate shill? And, Michael moore is 150% correct??? What are you basing this on? moore wanted a single payer system like canada. name one person who agrees with moore!

nonnie9999 said...

what happened to the argument that everyone is so friggin' happy with their present insurance? did the rethugs finally realize that it doesn't hold water? after all, if the insurance companies are so awesome, why would a horrible government system draw so many people away from the private sector?

by the way, have you heard the scoop on that canadian woman on the commercials who says she would have died from her brain tumor under the canadian system? first of all, she didn't have a tumor. she had a cyst. she would not have died, and she would not have been worse if she had waited a couple of months for surgery. the entire thing was bullshit. on top of that, she doesn't say that, if she lived in the u.s., she would never be able to find affordable private insurance again with her preexisting condition.

p.s. rick sanchez used to do the news here in south floriduhhh. he was a moron then and he's still a moron.

nonnie9999 said...

have you seen this?


K. said...

"And, Michael moore is 150% correct??? What are you basing this on?"

Conservatives like to put down Moore for his so-called bias, but they rarely attack him on the facts. For all of the criticism it took from the right, Sicko! wasn't any different. And I'd like a Canadian-style health care plan.

themom said...

Just another "spin" to anger me!